DRCs 04-10-08

by Brandon on

Go Caps go.

Which do you like better Smartfood Popcorn or Cheetos? – Mark

Brandon: For some reason, popcorn gives me a tummy-tum-tum-tummyache, so I’ll go with Cheetos.

I think “innerdorks” and “outerdorks” should stay the way it is, because it’s undeniably charming.

Though another option would be “real Nintendorks” and “fake Nintendorks like MARK”.

Just my two cents. – Boris Stoke

Brandon: As much as I like that idea, I think that second header is too long.

I thought the point of the DRCs were to point out the ineptitude of posters like myself – CellPhoneGuy

Brandon: The DRCs serve so many magical purposes. I’d go so far as to call it multifold.

On my way into work today I saw a lady mallard getting gang raped by 5 male ducks. Needless to say, it was an inauspicious beginning to the day. – Emily

Brandon: Webster.com says “inauspicious” means “sexually gratifying.” You’re gross.

We should play some CoD4 some time. I’m about to reach my 1st prestige. I’d be happy about this but I will lose a few of my favorite guns for a while.

My gamertag is Sethinator81. I’d explain why my name is so incredibly lame but there’s really no excuse. – Ned the Head

Brandon: I should mention that Datadorks also has an XBL section for dorks to enter their gamer tags. In any case, I added you.

Since all the old staffers and personalities are returning, who’s up for joining my BMason Search Corps? – CNE

Brandon: Not it.

If you buy me a Wii, I will be your salve for a month. P.S. Culdcept Saga. – Gemini

Brandon: Mmmmm, soothing…

You’re doing a pretty good job with these, but there’s something missing… hmmm…

Oh yes.

SODOMY! – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: How could we forget.

What er ye BUYin’? – The Merchant

Brandon: Will that be all, stranger?

I’m missing that clear, plastic circle that you attach to the bottom of the stand for your Wii. I was hoping you had an extra one lying around for me, or that you didn’t know what it was in the first place and therefore wouldn’t mind giving it to me. – Dewey

Brandon: Why would have an extra one, and why would I give it to the likes of you? And shame on you for losing it. May gravity have mercy on your Wii.

Brandon, after reading your response in the DRCs to DJM79, I fell in love with you all over again. – Hungrywolf

Brandon: Awwwww.

Have you seen this?

Can we organize a day where all of the comments are just typed out laughter sounds with descriptions of funny faces? And all of your responses are laughter sounds with descriptions of funny faces? You guys are the closest thing I have to a large group of Indians. – Parker Posey

Brandon: Hey you’re a fantastic actress! I also have not seen that video. It was neat.

I just want to go on record that the “Intended for Ages 5 and up” label on some of these Transformers toys, is utter bullshit. Took me damn near 3 hours to turn Megatron into his goddamn alien jet form. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: That would have been more funny if you were trying to transform him into a dump truck or something he doesn’t turn into.

I’m finally getting around to playing Final Fantasy 6. Via the GBA slot on my lovely silver DS. I wonder if I’ll have it finished before I’m 40? I better hurry, only a month and a half to go! – Gato

Brandon: Thank you for making me feel better about my 37th being 2 weeks away.

yeah well this is from an iPod

touch. At the store – shakey

Brandon: Shouldn’t you be studying?

I’m about to call this girl I met in a bar last weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck! – Sven

Brandon: Oooooh!

God damnit, it went to voice mail (I didn’t leave a message). Looks like I’ll have to try again tomorrow. – Sven

Brandon: Well, I didn’t have to wait too long for that.

If you want to throw down fisticuffs, fine. I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary ready for ya. – Ron Burgundy

Brandon: Time to musk up.

The Smash delay made me so sad, I got an XBox. Now Team Fortress 2 owns my life. Please sent help!

PS – What is the seventh flavor of ass? It’s been a while and I forgot. – MrCab

Brandon: I can’t remember if the seventh flavor is a secret or I just can’t remember.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night five word review-

Turned my world upside down! – ANC

Brandon: I see what you did there.

Oh man… A Sad Pathetic Little Man, Bmano, and of course, Brandon yourself. The DRC’s are back and they brought everyone with it! Perfect timing too, since the site was down my entire college career I’ll need something to do when I’m at work in my real “career” – UrNotRyan

Brandon: You went to college for only 2 years?

I don’t know why the Merchant sells anything but shotguns and improvements therefor. Nothing kills a zombie like a shotgun. – lisamarie8

Brandon: The rocket launcher does a pretty good job.

You always talk about playing shuffle board while drinking, and it makes me fear that you’re missing out on bubble hockey. – BeerInTheDark

Brandon: Bubble hockey? That sounds ADORABLE!

As much as I’m sometimes intrigued by the idea, I don’t think I could ever anally rape another man. – DigDug

Brandon: Wait…what other kind of rape is there between men?

Hey, remember how I sent you those drc’s yesterday chronicling my attempts to call a girl I met at a bar? Well, guess what! I just called again and this time totally succeeded. That’s right, this weekend I have a DATE! Woo! – Sven

Brandon: I had already forgot. Now you can use your talents to make a porn! By talents I mean your movie-making, not your penis.

I just looked at my monitor from above and scrolled down and it didn’t feel like I was falling at all!

Oh, no, wait, I did it again, but rested my forehead on the top of the monitor itself. Then it did kind of.

Oh Jonas, you feckin’ guy you. – Stolle

Brandon: With the power of the mind, you can accomplish anything!

Is there something wrong with me if I like melee more than brawl? Sure, it’s broken, old, and ugly, but there’s something about it that’s irresistible… – samsonite

Brandon: Stop living in the past, man.