DRCs 04-23-08

by Brandon on

Four Days until Ace Frehley turns 57!

Both the people running for congress in my district are goofy looking so I don’t know who to vote for. – BeerInTheDark

Brandon: If you think you’re better looking, you should enter the race!

shao kahn vs aquaman… FIGHT!! – Dazz07

Brandon: I can’t wait to see Aquaman shoot dolphins out of his wrists. We all know his fatality will be a stingray’s spike through the heart.

If knowing is half the battle, what’s the other half? – Kindernoob

Brandon: Not knowing.

Happy Birthday now? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Nope, sorry. But thanks!

Indiana Jones vs. John McClane? Sorry if that made your head explode. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: It hasn’t exploded, but it definitely hurts.

NQT and I now have something in common. We’ve both been drunk in Williamsport, PA. HOORAY! – hero

Brandon: The residents of Williamsport are not impressed.

BAG! ANY SERIOUS QUESTIONS? Bag. Any serious questions? Allen Ginsberg. – pickle juice in a jar of water chestnuts

Brandon: Right now we have a whopping two entries I deemed bag-worthy. And only Chris and I have answered them. Don’t hold your breath.

GO FLYERS!!! – Jamshid

Brandon: Go fly off a cliff!Go Dallas!

So, if Duckhammer lost because of the Silent Majority, does that make the rest of us all Nixon? – llamapalooza

Brandon: I’m afraid I don’t follow politics, sorry.

So my GIRLFRIEND decided to take a nap instead of have sex and now I am watching Lisa Lamponelli or whoever on TV while submitting a DRC to you instead of cuddling. Could this be a new low? I wish my Mr. Face shirt from cafepress still fit me. – Floydthebarber

Brandon: If it’s not a new low, it definitely lowers the bar.

I would never put my career before Nintendorks. – Soybean

Brandon: What if you were an ASTRONAUT?

What was the final score? Was it close? Perhaps the vocal people should have a tilt in the matter? To be honest, I just want to come back to lurk and pay back everyone who got my Wii out (whether they want it or not). It’s a part of my new set of principles after saving a friend from suicide recently.

….On second thought, I’ve become a much better, happier person since leaving the board. CellPhoneGuy just brought out the worst in me, I swear. – Duckhammer

Brandon: It seems to have stalled out at 43-88. The general consensus was the board was bad for you, and I can’t decide if that’s funny or not. We’ll always have the DRCs!

I swear to God, I’ll pistol-whip the next guy that says shenanigans. – Capt. John O’Hagen

Brandon: What’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

Damn… I remember in Middle School 1998… clicking on a link after using (holy crap) altavista (haven’t used that since 99) for “Nintendo” and thinking that “Nintendorks” must be some stupid fansite that wouldn’t be worth anything!

… and I was right!

Yet I stayed… visiting every day throughout middle school and high school, and then during College, Nintendorks went away, and yet here I am, a college graduate earning a measily 11 dollars an hour… and Nintendorks is back!

Well… sort of, at least. – Justin Miller

Brandon: Great story. Compelling, and rich.

A Baseball Prospectus AND a ’86 Mets reference in the same post? You guys are okay in my book.

I had no idea some of you were baseball dorks as well. – devo

Brandon: Only half of us.

Hey, I made some cool things. – Emily

Brandon: I had a sarcastic reply all ready to type out, but those are actually pretty cool.

I went to my first Smash Bros Brawl tourney this weekend. I placed 13th. I could’ve done better but I kept making stupid mistakes cause I was so damn nervous. – Selendrile

Brandon: I would have liked more details…prizes? Who beat you? Who’d you play as? Why do I have to do all the work.

Level with me Brandon. Is it even possible to have enough indie cred for a chick like Lisa Loeb to dig me? And yes, I’m worried more about that than I am about fame. – ineptitude

Brandon: I didn’t know Lisa Loeb was still relevant, but then I googled her and it turns out she is! So I’d say no.

Ok Brandon you rejected my first register attempt due to not liking my tag, “BallZthe3rd”, either due to its stupidity or the fact my third ball makes you feel even more insecure about your lonely Lance Armstrong-esque uniball flapping in the wind.

So can you delete that account to free up my email so I can re-register with a more inspired name.

Also agree with you on the rice thing, I work with these Indian guys, they made me dinner one night and it was 3 pounds of rice with 2 chicken wings on top, damn you 3rd world cuisine!! – The DoucheBagger Vance

Brandon: Consider the account deleted. And no offense, but 9 times out of 10 usernames like that are the ones that crave using gigantic anime signatures after every post (if we allowed signatures).

RSS please? – Pezmaster

Brandon: Link in the sidebar please? Are you blind please?

Stupid friggin three red rings. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! – Ned the Head


Who is your favourite – Yasar

Brandon: George.

The Bowser Castle levels are by far the best levels in the Mario Kart series. By far. I think that the Double Dash incarnation is probably the highlight, but I have high hopes for the Wii course. – RubixsQube

Brandon: I do to, but only because I won’t have some jackass standing on the back of my kart. I’m also looking forward to shouting “Blooper! What are you doing here?” when someone inks me.

oh shit drc’s are back im sooo late – pepsiscrub

Brandon: I’ll say!

So here’s the problem. Culdcept Saga has intrigued me and I’m glad you’ve introduced me to it. But… I’m worried it’s like a gateway drug because I now find myself wanting to try other games with card battling that I’ve avoided before.

I’m afraid of the underground clientele I might run into. – Boris Stoke

Brandon: I messaged you the other night to see if you wanted to play and you didn’t reply so I went and played solo and cried.

When r u guys gonna make a new vershun of the game boys??!!!11!

Sorry, I always loved DRCs like this one. Welcome back. – Flagon

Brandon: Thanks!

If anyone wants a baseball game for Wii, they should get MLB Power Pros. – Eldaron

Brandon: Says WHO?!?

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to. Why don’t you go where fashion sits? PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ!!! – Taco

Brandon: Thanks for writing in, Taco! I once won a five dollar bet thanks to my knowledge of your existence.

Don’t give up hope so easily. Grab that friend of yours and instead of going to the pub go to the Verizon Center and do what I can’t…. cheer for a team 🙁 – Shakey

Brandon: We certainly discussed it, but we already had a racquetball game to play and figured drinking beer in the pub and cheering afterwards would be a lot cheaper. It was still a good game.