Nintendo is touring small fraction of U.S.

by Chris V on

If you live in America and you haven’t been deported yet, you should stop by Nintendo’s travelling road show, with which the big N is putting their new Wii steering wheel on display.

The steering wheel is a time honored gaming peripheral that is pretty much stupid and yet somehow awesome in its own, retarded way (like the guy that played Corky). At these little events, people can play Mario Kart Wii using the steering wheel, get their picture taken (which can then be redeemed online), and maybe, just maybe, meet the love of their life (works well if they already know them and are meeting them there). According to the official website, Nintendo is hitting/has hit all of the major U.S. cities (including Philadelphia…on Mother’s Day), but with a few notable exceptions, such as Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and other heavily populated areas. Nintendo also lists one of the cities on their tour as “New Jersey,” figuring that no one has ever heard of Atlantic City. Casinos? Boardwalk? Monopoly? Asian massage parlors? It’s the gambling capitol of the east coast, and a perfect place to bring your kids for some Nintendo fun.