DRCs 06-10-08

by Brandon on

Nautica Thorn is not something from a sea flower.

In my opinion I didn’t think you guys stopped being funny until 1999. – Saleem

Brandon: That’s sweet, thanks.

I just moved to Portland! Now I’m sad and scared. – grub

Brandon: Maine or Oregon? You suck at details!

I recently purchased a Wii with Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess. My friend also has a Wii, and he has also played Mario Galaxy. Here are two one line reviews.

Him: It’s not that great, all you do is jump around and spin.

Me: It’s fucking awesome, you get to jump around and spin!

To each his own I guess. Oh, and pretend you got this, like, 4 months ago or whenever that game came out. – clegg2121

Brandon: I popped it in just the other day to get a star or two, so I’ll pretend this is still relevent.

Since the DRC updates are so far apart, it makes reading them an adventure, since I can never remember if I submitted a comment. I skim most of the comments looking for my name. When I’m not in there, like always, I can just convince myself that I didn’t send one in, so that was why it wasn’t in there. – Gemini

Brandon: I bet reading these isn’t as much an adventure as it is reading The Mystery of Chimney Rock.

GodPlaysNintendo is full of shit. I don’t know of one woman who would fall asleep on a belt buckle.

Last time I got oral sex while playing a videogame, I couldn’t concentrate on the video game. So either I’m a terrible video game player, or NOT a gigantic asshole who ignores some person suckling on my Star Wand.

Heh, that should be an additional week in the SSB:B Fun Season: Items medium, all maps, receive oral sex while playing, 1v1. – CNE

Brandon: But how could two people play each other with their eyes pointed elsewhere?

My favorite Jonathon Coulton moment? When he played music, live, for one hour, in one take, while his friend read a list of 700 hobo names of his own devising. – ineptitude

Brandon: That almost sounds cool.

I only

read one-line

DRCs. Thanks. – Tee Jay

Brandon: I totally made your DRC three lines. Sucker.

I think optical mice are the best thing to happen to computers since 1995. – branden

Brandon: Better than the color Cyan?

Last night I attended an amazing concert that featured Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. Who would’ve thunk that such a combination would be so awesome?

I’m still trying to decide which was more surreal: listening to Robert Plant sing bluegrass, or hearing “Black Dog” being played with a banjo.

Either way, good times. – Gator

Brandon: You’re so old. Was this in Blacksburg or did you drive somewhere?

Was I the only person who enjoyed the old moviesmotherfucker/plinkomedia articles? I would like those articles to be back online, because the “monkeys” article is one of my favourite things in the world. Can you help me? – yanca

Brandon: Have fun!

my God can kick your gods butt – gettinitupkid

Brandon: My God doesn’t have a butt, so I’d say you’re God is shit outta luck.

Wow, I just saw the banner with the black Wii.

It would have been a lot bigger if that were the case, hurr! – Chives


Who’s up for some Ling ball? – Tootle Hot

Brandon: Only if I get the racquetball!

You still have yet to let me run you over in GTA after the atrocities that I suffered due to your ban-happy lifestyle. I can’t help but wonder, Brandon…how many lives have you destroyed simply because you enjoy banning people for a few hours? – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: Actually I think you’re the only one. You should feel special. In fact, since I made you special, I take back my offer allowing you to run me over.

Bobby Flay is such a douchecock. Alton Brown should kill him and then use his magical food science to make his corpse into something even the most anti-cannibalist would savor. – Opty

Brandon: Or Gorden Ramsay could just incinerate them both with his eyes.


Nintendo’s trying to turn us into killing machines via Wii Fit. They’re so sneaky. – Emily

Brandon: Can fat people do yoga?

Five word review of Stevie Ray Vaughan: He was allergic to helicopters.

Oh yeah, and Tommy is an awesome album. Nothing better than a pinball champion who plays by sense of smell. The movie was pretty weird too, with Keith Moon doing an awesome Uncle Ernie. – GodPlaysNintendo

Brandon: You only send in comments when you’re drunk, don’t you.

New contributors!?

I can’t even fathom going to Nintendorks to check for an update and actually having to read one all the time. – Eldaron

Brandon: Don’t hold your breath, slick.

I just finish a whole bottle of

champagne because

I’m happy I get to be a

robot repairwoman again

istead of a lousy, stupid paperwork stupid person. – Emily

Brandon: You only send in comments when you’re drunk, don’t you.

Was the gyro good? Was it BETTER than a sandwich? I hope it was.

Actually, I’m not sure what a gyro is. Could you explain for us ignorant folk (because I can’t be the only one)? – Shnuff

Brandon: It’s some form of delicious meat with some form of delicious sauce in some form of delicious pita. With fries. I imagine there’s websites on the internet that could give you a better answer, but I can’t think of any sites off the top of my head where you could type in “gyro” and come up with a list of sites or definiteions of what a gyro is, sorry.

I think Boris and I have worked out our summer schedules and will resume doing weekly shows soon. – Mark

Brandon: I’ll hear it when I believe it! Wait…

Wait, so… you’re back?

How long have you been back? I haven’t checked this thing since I moved months ago.

So yeah, I didn’t really think about what I was going to type here… maybe something about riding a damn horse. – Elrando the Wonder Horse

Brandon: Maybe nothing at all.



Brandon: I totally didn’t see THAT coming!

Finally got my economic stimulus check in the mail and it got me to wondering… what did you spend yours on? – Boris Stoke

Brandon: My wife and I each put 200 bucks of it into our personal accounts to stimulate us. The rest went into savings.