DRCs 06-17-08

by Brandon on

Blee blah bloo bleep.

My first call back after returning to field work was to a waste water treatment facility. My job is very glamorous. – Emily

Brandon: And delicious.

So, how did “Bring me the head of one of these enemies of mine:” followed by a list of names not make it into the application for Nintendork writing position? Seems like a good opportunity to get rid of some of those pesky enemies. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: Why would I want all those heads lying around? I mean, after I got done taking advantage of them.

Gyro’s are made of lamb meat, with tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, all inside a pita wrap. Tzatziki sauce is basically like a cucumber sauce, according to my friend who owns a Greek restaurant. I was scared of them, but he made me try one, and I agree that they are amazing. – Magihiro

Brandon: Sounds like you got gyro raped.

We haven’t heard what your latest fast food obsession is. Those Southern Chicken Sandwiches at McDonald’s are pretty dang good. They’re really simple. Just a big hunk of really moist chicken, a pickle, and a bun. I think they might deep fry them twice to get them so moist.

How about you? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I pretty much only eat Chipotle and Subway when it comes to fast food, sorry.

What did you do today? – Syrup

Brandon: I read this horribly boring DRC and debated deleting it.

End of semester exams are getting me down.

Sing me a catchy ditty damn it. – Elrando the Wonder Horse

Brandon: Scruff McGruff, Chicago Illinois, 60652!

You know there is a Portland, Connecticut as well. That grub guy may be right around the corner from me…….and that would probably explain why he is sad and scared. – CPG

Brandon: Portland, Connecticut? You just made that shit up.

well my God put a butt on your god’s butt and kicked it…in other news i spent my stimulus check on a girl hope i get my own stimulation outta that – gettinitupkid

Brandon: I bet you don’t.

Oregon. I do suck at details. But too many details and then I reveal how uninteresting I am. For instance, last weekend I was brought back to my house at 2am in the back of a squad car!…but it was because I got lost while running and ended up going alongside the freeway, which cops don’t like. Waa waa waa. – grub

Brandon: What nice officers! If you were female that would be the premise to a wonderful porn scene.

brandon what is a good video game to play? (p.s. I’m drunk) – eoe42

Brandon: Tapper.

Kung Fu Panda is HILARIOUS! You must see it.

(it’s, like, the first good Dreamworks SKG film since the original Shrek) – tomspug

Brandon: I’ll wait for cable, thanks.

I’m typing a drc right now while recording a radio show! It’s true.

We are somehow talking about Willy Wonka. – Boris Stoke

Brandon: I haven’t listened to the new episode yet, but I will! And when I hear you talking about Willy Wonka, I will smile, knowingly.

That’s totally what I look like playing it, too. Totally. – Emily

Brandon: …..I’m sorry were you talking?

Brandon! Nintendorks! it’s back… wow… so many warm N64 memories are coming back to me. I used to spend (waste) all day in your chat room back in 1998. You guys totally got me hooked on games. Anyway, here’s what’s happened in the last ten years… i went to film school and when I graduated, I directed this Nintendo-related documentary.

Thanks for instilling the gaming love. It’s served me well.

Glad you’re back! – telstar

Brandon: We’re gonna live forever! That was a sweet trailer, by the way. If I ever see the documentary I’ll know who to interview for the site! And if I do see it, I look forward to seeing Nintendorks in the “special thanks” section.

I started a blog. It also has Nintendork’s forum user Hero as a writer. If you can find it you can read it. – BeerInTheDark

Brandon: I couldn’t find it.

“If you play Street Fighter the movie backwards, you hear ‘Raul is dead’ over and over again.”

who are you guys tryin’ to fool? you used this joke like 8 years ago.

That being said, it’s still pretty funny. – brown pee

Brandon: I don’t know what you’re talking about? Is that one of our random quotes up top? If it’s taken 8 years for that to reappear that’s pretty impressive.

I just got back from the 24 hours of Le Mans 2008. Despite going there hoping Aston Martin would win the GT1 class, I was shocked and awed at the sheer presence and INCREDIBLE noise of the Corvette C6-R.

I can’t wait to try out that bad boy on Forza. When my 360 starts outputting audio / visual. – Wilbo

Brandon: I have to admit I put Forza in my 360 one and only one time. I should give it away.