Plucky New Staffer Makes First News Post

by Adam Robinson on

Newly-minted Nintendorks staffer Adam tentatively tapped out his first news story Thursday, eager to make a name for himself and stem the rumors that he may be a tool.

“I didn’t want to mess up when I made a post about how Hudson is in the early planning stages on a new Adventure Island game,” he said, between sips of Baja Blast Mountain Dew. “That series is classic, and one would assume fans would be excited to find out that this is the first new title in the series in over 13 years.”

As I effortlessly transition out of that clunky storytelling device, I would like to mention that Takahashi Meijin revealed this juicy bit of info during a recent Hudson conference call, and hinted at a probable Wii Ware release for the game. This joins Hudson’s previously announced Wii Ware titles like Alien Crush, which is a rad pinball game. As a reminder, it’s never too early to don your leopard-skin loincloth and baseball cap.

Thanks bunches, Wii Fanboy