Chrono Trigger DS (Possibly) Announced Via Useless and Banal Countdown Site; Readers Ask “Why Don’t You Treat Us Like We’re Not Eight?”

by Kevin on

Square Enix launched a countdown site tonight, and unless you live in some sort of idiot hole you were quick to understand that this is mostly likely the announcement of a DS port of the classic SNES game Chrono Trigger.

In the game, a young boy and six dwarves steal things across the temporal continuum and encounter Sean Connery. Also there is a Frog and a Robot. It is patently obvious at this point that I have never played this jeux-video, and so maybe this announcement is a good thing for people like me who don’t want to pay a stupid amount of money for the original SNES cartridge, and who don’t care that it was released on the Playstation, either. This is Nintendorks, not Playstationportdorks, which could also be a club about drinking rich Portuguese fortified wine from old PSOnes. Anyway, if this happens to be what every stupid clue says it is, then be prepared, DS owners. Be prepared to buy something you may have already bought but now can play on a miniature screen, possibly with poorly tacked on touch-screen mini-games.