Donkey Kong 3D Announced

by Travis Woodside on

It seems that ever since we got our hands on Super Smash Bros. every company out there has realized that nostalgia is a powerful selling point. I’d like to think that powerful movies like ‘Schindler’s List’ are more about historical value than nostalgia, but I’m not so sure anymore. Nostalgia is the big thing right now and it has been for many years. As it currently stands, I’m thinking this decade will not be known for anything it accomplished but for what we took the time to remember. We even got so nostalgic over Desert Storm that we had to do that again. Now Jenga is coming at us with a two-fer. Remember Jenga? “Yes,” you will say. Already in the back of your mind you’re thinking of how to feed your nostalgic craving of Jenga. Remember Donkey Kong? “Of course,” you’ll calmly reply. Deep within the ravaging of your mind you are already upset that as you read this you are not playing Donkey Kong right this moment. Remember nostalgia? Wait, scratch that. You’ll probably break.

I’m obviously no professional journalist because it never should have taken me three paragraphs to get to the point, but it’s too late to turn back now. There is a Donkey Kong themed version of Jenga to be released in the “third quarter of 2008”. I don’t know why they have such a flimsy release for a product just over the horizon, but you can still pre-order if it you trust them. Plus it looks pretty darn cool and I want one.