DRCs: 07-03-08

by Brandon on

Celebrating independence from daily updates.

Miyamoto and the team at Nintendo are simply brilliant. They practically pioneered the modern gaming industry. And with the numerous companies cashing in on the whole “better graphics and more power = better gaming” mantra, it is refreshing to see Nintendo go back to the drawing board and try to reinvent gaming as a social experience that focuses on fun, rather than just visuals and processing power. – Anthony

Brandon: I thought that was a…WONDERFUL thesis. And you told it so well, with such enthusiasm!

huh what you post news about the new Adventure Island game before Mega Man 9?! WTFFFFFFFF – SHINE GET 64

Brandon: I like trying to figure out what all those extra Fs stand for.

Kevin and Adam sound like made up names. – Mark

Englebert: I agree!

I was funnier when you were drunk. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: You’re telling me.

What was with all the

formatting errors in the last DRC edition? – Panthera

Brandon: I didn’t notice any, but by the end I didn’t really care.

Do you only do studio DRCs when you know I’m not there? This saddens me. – kindernoob

Brandon: First thing I said when I joined was “Is kindernoob here? No? Let’s do DRCs!”

One good thing about the McDonald’s chickfila ripoffs: since ronald mcdonald doesn’t love Jesus, you can get them on Sundays. – sammy

Brandon: If Ronald McDonald doesn’t love jesus, what is he doing to all those kids in all his houses?

Hmm…I didn’t send in any DRCs last week. Was I really sober for a week straight?

Don’t worry, I won’t let it happen again. – Emily

Brandon: See that you don’t.

Unnghhhh Unnghhh Unnghh – My tongue in your ear

Brandon: Hahaha, eww.

What does this button do?!

Oh, oops, guess that means I’m registered for your forum now. Oh, well, mistakes happen.

And who cares? I’m a Nintendo fan anyway. I was a fan WAY before it was cool. I was the “original” gamer, opening my shiny new Super NES on Christmas morning and … “Oh, those 16 bit graphics are SO COOL! And Princess Toadstool? She’s so HOT!”

You get the idea. Anyway, the Wii has slapped me square in the pants and shoved me back into the Nintendo nerd world… “Heellooo motion control! I can hardly wait to test my motion fighting abilities on Tom Nook. Where are you, you stupid raccoon?! You will PAY!”

Jeeze. I really need a therapist… – skaii

Brandon: Bigger mistake…you registering for the forums or you being born? OOOOOOOOHHH BUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRN!

Megaman 9!!!!! With the 8-bit graphics of the NES days and the first female robot master. I’m so happy!! – Trak

Brandon: Megaman and Bionic Commando are probably the two games that made me love my NES so much…which reminds me to see if there’s any new RE5 videos. Viva la Capcom!

If the Wii does not get a hard drive, I may be forced to kill 17 mentally retarded kittens in front of 25 learning disabled preschoolers – Tag

Brandon: So much redundancy in that sentence.

Man those last DRCs were bad. It’s a shame I was drunk and asleep when you asked if I wanted to help answer them. I could have easily pushed them into the realm of vomit-inducing, offensive-to-even-the-dumbest-intellect, holy-fuck-the-entire-internet-should-burn-down-for-hosting-this terrible. – dookie

Brandon: I imagine you easily could have.

I was stung by a bee today! Isn’t that wonderful? – Orange Soda

Brandon: Depends on where it stung you.

Poop your pants, it’s wild. – Elrando the Wonder Horse

Brandon: Waaaaaaaay ahead of you.

Yeah, I’m a virgin… As long as you don’t count my younger sister. – Ojisan

Brandon: No one does.

Hey, Brandon. What 80’s sitcom theme song best represents you? – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: What’s Happening.

Geez, I can’t seem to find the time to actually read the articles here now that they exist. – Eldaron

Brandon: I know! I mean rally! There’s SO MANY! Can you BELIEVE IT!!!!

I hate my job. – Selendrile

Brandon: I bet it’s better with all the new articles!

…Damn, what’s with all these updates?! This isn’t the Nintendorks I have known and loved for the last decade!

It would seem you did not scan these new staff members for proper knowledge of Nintendork tradition! For shame! And to think I modeled my own website, GuildCom.us, after you guys (in spirit of laziness anyways…). To make matters worse, though, my co-webmaster Bishop has been post happy lately too. Damn him and damn you all!!!

Now my lazy ass has to learn how to read again…and go be nostalgic about the old Nintendorks. At the conclusion of which, I shall weep, not for my stolen past, but for the soul of Nintendorks.

On second thought…screw it, I’m going to Taco Bell. – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: That sure was a lot of words to plug your website.