In This Article, We Make The Only Mention Of Rhapsody For The Nintendo DS You Will See On This Site

by Kevin on

Ok, I am a huge fan of this story. In the latest Nintendo Power (the magazine that you still get and you’re a little ashamed but screw the world you are a man and can get what YOU WANT), there was an ad for a couple of games, Disgaea, and Rhapsody for the Nintendo DS. Nothing too weird, right? Magazines are supported by ad revenue, and Nintendo Power is no different. However, check out the ad after the jump.

ow, you probably notice something weird about that DS there. First, it needs a battery charge. Pronto. Second, the screen are fucking huge! Immediately, overly zealous DS fans took to the internet convinced that this was some new leaked prototype being shown to the public through a Disgaea ad. As if the people at Nippon Ichi Software where given one, and then they were like, let’s put our screens on this bad boy what could go wrong woops now it’s in print sorry for ruining the SURPRISE NINTENDO. SORRY. (polite bow)

Well, it turns out that there exists a program (and I am not lying at all so don’t accuse me of it) where you can edit images after you take them, like you are the possessor of a powerful graphikal magick. This program, “Photoshop“, was used to create this fallacious, dangerous advertisement. Apparently the NIS people thought: “let’s put our screenshots on a DS! That way people will see it and think: ‘this game is on a DS!’ This idea is so good ten people should be high fiving me as hard as they can!” Then, they photoshopped the images on the DS, but apparently decided that no, the puny DS screens were not large enough to show our prepubescent heroes battling/standing around looking pretty. No! Those geniuses at NIS just scaled the screens larger, and then zip, saved the ad, sent it to Nintendo Power, and had lunch. Thanks to the internet, though, the Nintendo fanboys’ umbrage was quelled soon, and all is well in the kingdom of Rampant Nintendo Speculation.

Good job, NIS! Way to make people excited for a bit for NOTHING. Way to be like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.