Kirby Super Star Ultra and Rhythm Heaven Unceremoniously Announced

by Adam Robinson on

Nintendo, in their infinite wisdom, decided to spend their E3 press conference on the really big stuff, like Wii Music and…

Listen. I can’t do that anymore. That was a horrible, terrible, god-awful press conference. Animal Crossing, hey, that sounds pretty good. But the rest left lots–lots–to be desired. But two shining rays of hope have emerged! Kirby Super Star Ultra, an updated version of the Super Nintendo classic, is on its way! Fully rendered cut scenes, different playable characters, and all the modes from the SNES version (along with some new ones) round out an incredible package. And it gets better! Rhythm Heaven, from the creators of Wario Ware: Touched, is being brought over from the land of the rising sun. Import fans will remember this title as Rhythm Tengoku, which I remember being kind of a big deal back in the day.