Konami Continues to Crush Dreams

by Travis Woodside on

The Wii has been around long enough that its first gen titles are now up for the sequel treatment.

‘Red Steel 2’ is currently in the works over at UbiSoft, for example. Well it looks like the critically praised ‘Elebits’ also has a sequel in the works. To me the first game worked more as a glorified tech demo than an actual game, but the concept was solid so news of a sequel did pique my interest. However, it turns out that Konami is kind of stupid.

It seems that Elebits 2 is now ‘Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero’, an exclusive DS title. While the couple handfuls of shots you can see over at GameSpot appear to indicate the basic concepts of the first game return it does seem that Konami completely forgot that the biggest draw of the first Elebits was the physics engine and ability to use the wiimote to throw objects around the environment. “[Y]eah that’s bullshit,” said an angry Goober in response to biased question I presented to him on the topic. ” I was hoping they’d improve on 1 [a lot], but now not so much.” I agree, Goober. I agree.

If this new game somehow tickles your fancy then feel free to hop on the hype train and anticipate its undetermined Fall release.