Korean MMO Comes to DS (sort of)

by Travis Woodside on

Ragnarok Online, a game I played once and then quit because I thought it was lame, is apparently on its way to the DS.

It’s famous for being a free MMO that thousands of people play. This would be the first time it has made its way to consoles and charged you money just to play it. They’re just stacking up the firsts! What little information I could glean from 1UP’s report of the news is that there will be a single player story mode, controls will be mostly stylus based (in accordance with the PC game’s mouse clicking gameplay), and that it’s not really an MMO anymore. I guess they thought the Ragnarok name was too important to lose even though mainstream gamers have likely never heard of it and everyone else has already played Ragnarok Online for free on the PC.

Multiplayer is planned for the title, though, in the form of four player cooperative madness over Nintendo’s WFC. I guess that is pretty cool. You’re restricted to playing a separate mode in which you conquer a tower with 50 randomly generated levels instead of going through the single player experience with a friend. I was going to sarcastically complain about how lame that is but then I remembered that’s essentially what Diablo I was.