Namco Bandai Preparing to Spin More Yarns–Er, Tales

by Adam Robinson on

If the upcoming sequel to the Gamecube’s much-beloved Tales of Symphonia wasn’t enough for you, and if the forthcoming DS entry in the series, Tales of Hearts, sounds too much like a daytime soap opera featuring Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange, fret not!

A recent Namco Bandai presser in Japan has revealed the existence of a new “mothership” (yes, I know. Sounds odd) Tales game that will be headed for the Wii sometime in 2009. While no details were divulged, it’s being developed by Namco Tales, who assure us it is not a side story, spin-off, or other synonym. As an aside, my original headline was going to include something along the lines of “Namco grabbing at more Tales,” which vaguely referred to male reproductive organs. The More You Know!

Thanks again, Wii Fanboy!