New Old Games: July 30

by Adam Robinson on

It stands to reason that I would update this (fantastic!) amazing new column on Mondays, and I plan to do that. But since it’s already Wednesday and, you know, what are you gonna do? Next time you are looking to see which Virtual Console or Wii Ware games came out and if they’re any good, check the site on a Monday afternoon! You won’t not be not pleased! Also, look below! Chrono Trigger DS! Man, I don’t care. I’ll pay more money for that goddamn game again.

Wii releases this week were slim. Wii Ware release Magnetica Twist–a puzzle game you’ve played before if you played the original Magnetica on the DS or Zuma–is reportedly marred by a literally painful control scheme which requires you twist your wrist a full 360 degrees! 360 degrees of fun, I’m sure. Double jointed? Try it out for 1,000 Space Bucks.

On the Virtual Console side, classic fighting game Fatal Fury 2 for the Neo Geo (available for a scant 900 points!) lets you relive those old memories of playing it in the arcade until that rad guy with fingerless gloves and a jean jacket took that shit over. The Neo version is probably the definitive version of this game, but if you want to play a fighter with some guns, why not wait until the King of Fighters collection is released for the Wii? Much more economical.

And listen, if you have a 360, go online and get SOUL CALIBUR right now. Please! It’s just as good as I remember.