New releases for the week of 7/28

by Cory Birdsong on

**MLB Power Pros 2008**
Roster update to a pretty well-received Wii baseball game from last year.

Hope you like big heads! Developed by Konami and published by 2K.

King of Clubs
Looks like a PS2 port of a golf-themed puzzle game. Bet this one has awesome controls.
Puzzler Collection
Collection of a bunch of newspaper-ish puzzle games, like crosswords and sudoku. Should probably be a WiiWare game.
Summer Athletics
Ahh, summer. Perfect time to kick back in front of the Wii and play some vague approximations of activities other people do outside.
Air Traffic Chaos
If there was any kind of justice this would be a series of Airplane-esque disaster scenarios filtered through Elite Beat Agents.
Suzuki Super-Bikes
Hey man, these bikes sure are super! They sure are.