New releases for the week of July 7

by Cory Birdsong on

For the Wii:

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon
Square continues to whore out the Final Fantasy name with this roguelike, which is a kind of RPG that rapes you in the ass, and then you start over, so you can try to be raped in the ass later than the last time.
Purr Pals
Nintendogs with cats.

Insert joke about cats being different from dogs here.

Sports Party
Wii Sports without Miis. It is surprising that this game is not named Sportz Partyz, since it is part of Ubisoft’s casual label.
Wonder World Amusement Park
It’s a minigame collection for the Wii!
For the DS:

**Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution**
Console/handheld adaptation of the beloved PC series. Apparently uses the same internal logic and AI as its console counterparts.
**Carnival Games**
It’s a port of a minigame collection for the Wii!
Additionally, today’s [Amazon deal of the day]( is Rondo of Swords, which, judging by the title, is a Japanese RPG for the DS.