Nintendo Experimenting With Dark Technology

by Travis Woodside on

A new patent has come to light revealing the dark deeds of Nintendo’s private interests.

Apparently they are experimenting with “holographic data storage.” I have no idea what this means. I first learned about this on a forum post from Uncle Squingis, but he didn’t link to a news article so I had to do work all on my own. I feel very useful and grown up. But I still don’t know what holographic data storage is despite looking over the wikipedia article detailing it.

“Holographic data storage is a potential replacement technology in the area of high-capacity data storage currently dominated by magnetic and conventional optical data storage. Magnetic and optical data storage devices rely on individual bits being stored as distinct magnetic or optical changes on the surface of the recording medium. Holographic data storage overcomes this limitation by recording information throughout the volume of the medium and is capable of recording multiple images in the same area utilizing light at different angles.”



Holographic memory, essentially, is a way of storing a lot more data onto a disk than the currently used digital storage methods. For current storage methods, data is encoded on the surface magnetically – if you want to read the data you shoot a laser at the surface and see how the laser interacts with the surface pits and grooves. For holographic memory, instead of just using the surface of the disk, information is encoded under the surface of the disk that has to be accessed using lasers that enter the disk at various angles and then detect how the light interferes with the disk material under the surface. Essentially, “holograms” are seen as 3d because each eye sees a different image, because each eye is looking into the hologram at a different angle. This is the essence of holographic data storage. It is probably not going to be for the Wii, but rather a future video game system by Nintendo, if it is ever used. In order to fulfill my contract with Nintendorks to “be funny” I will say the word poop. Oh snaaaap.