Now This Is What I Call a DS Port

by Kevin on

Forget all of this Chrono Trigger business.

If you want some FUN this fourth quarter of 2008 with your favorite handheld, look no further than to Rummikub, the winner of the coveted 1980 Spel van het Jaar award. For those unfamiliar, this classic board game (which is pronounced “Rummy-cube,” since “Rum-a-cub” sounds like a Japanese Lion that turns into a Child Veterinarian or something) is a strategic contest where players complete melds in order to get rid of their colored, numbered tiles. It is honestly much more fun that that sentence is, at least if you are ten and Dutch. The DS Port will be produced and published by Games Factory Online, a company based in the Netherlands. According to wikipedia, “a remarkable aspect of the Netherlands is its flatness.” Honestly, everyone’s all getting excited about Chronoing or Triggering on the DS, when they could be taking your blue twelve and then putting down my blue ten and blue eleven and oh man I have another meld in your face Dad. In your damn face. So, see, I do play some games, as long as they are very boring and foreign. As a final note, the General Manager of Games Factory Online, “Jurriaan van Rijswijk”, has a name that can murder your mouth. Seriously, all the vowels left his last name and got stuck in his first name.

Thank you, overly fun sounding press release.