Sony Kills Africans (and you can help!)

by Travis Woodside on

The fact I have killed Africans was news to me this evening as loyal Nintendork, Trekridr, directed me to an absurd news article at Yahoo Games of all places.

Instead of dwelling on why Trekridr checks out Yahoo Games let’s talk about all the dead people. Apparently the mining of a an unrefined metallic ore known as ‘coltan’ which is used as a component in assorted electronics including, but not limited to, game consoles has birthed a feud of fire. The Democratic Republic of Congo – or as I call it, Donkey Kong Country – is the primary location (or so it seems) for the mining of coltan. While the metal (in a powder form) is used in numerous electronic devices (unsure of any Nintendo connections here) Sony is currently under fire becuase the PS2’s incredible sales increased demand for the metal tremendously. Originally being sold for $49 a pound, the metal jumped up to $249 a pound due entirely to Sony’s heavy use of it.

So where do the dead Africans come in? Well, apparently Congo likes child labor so kids are routinely forced to mine themselves to death quite literally. I for one support Congo for its admirable work ethic. Ex-British Parliament Member Oona ‘funny name’ King was quoted as saying, “Kids in Congo were being sent down mines to die so that kids in Europe and America could kill imaginary aliens in their living rooms.” Way to take one for the team, Congo.