Capcom Continues To Prove That Yes, They Get It

by Kevin on

So, as you know, since we’ve written about it a fair bit, Capcom is releasing Mega Man 9 as a WiiWare game in September of this year.

Instead of completely raping your childhood and putting our little blue underwear-clad robot boy in a 3D environment where he wields a sword and falls in love with a unicorn named Delightful, they have decided to completely blow our minds. It’s a 2D sidescroller. It has terrible/amazing promotional art. It is a throwback in the best sense. And yesterday, in possibly the raddest move ever, they hinted that they were going to try to recreate the NES Mega Man experience by including the flickering and glitchy graphics of the 8 bit cartridge era. Yes, I know that one person out there just yelled: “But, I hated that bullshit!” To him, I say, take a seat and put down your Queso Crunchwrap, sir. Your anger is uncalled for, and your are in the minority on this issue, I assure you. One of the sad parts about classic emulation is that you miss out on those glitches you could tweak to your advantage. I know that if I am playing an NES version of Super Mario Bros 2, for instance, when I go to the second half of world 4 – 1, the game will chug along when those crazy shyguys ride around on their TV Camera flamethrowers. That slowdown is a part of who I am. Kudos to Capcom for giving us what we want for once. Sega? Pay attention. For the love of God.

Oh! Also, speaking of SMB2 World 4. Check out the cameo(?) by Fryguy in the video. Joystiq, where I first found out this information, has a picture of the dude and his buddies riding a dragon, which is sweet, too. Looks like he put on some weight.