DRCs: 08-12-08

by Brandon on

Holy crap I skipped another week, sorry. Uhhh…I had laser eye surgery again.

I thought about sending in a DRC regarding that Konami/Capcom mishap, and then gave up.

But it has spurred me to send in this DRC about Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. If you don’t like the title, take it up with the game itself, not Australia–the game takes place in “The Shake Dimension.” Seems like a pretty apt title to me. – starmand

Brandon: Or a pretty lazy one.

Do you like Jim Croce? You can be honest. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Did he do the Harold & Maude soundtrack or was that Cat Stevens? I like that guy.

Hey, did you hear Heath Ledger died? – Ned the Head

Brandon: Shut the front door!

I wouldn’t worry about getting sued. We’re all afraid that you’ll use your laser eyes on us. – NothingMan

Brandon: Sadly, I didn’t have the funds to pay the extra $100,000,000 on the laser-shooting-out-of-eyes upgrade.

Mark carries that radio show. Travis is just a yes man. – Shakey

Brandon: But Mark says “yes” all the time! You’re still bitter about Travis duping you in that mafia game, aren’t you.

Mafia is fun when you’re playing it, but its really annoying when you’re not and other people keep bumping it to the top of the forum every three seconds. – Shakey

Brandon: Hey how about you complain some more!

Out of curiosity, which Boom Blox multi-player mode gets the most play in your household?

I purchased the game (5 word review: “good, but not worth $50”) and have only tried the Warlords castle-breaking game mentioned by the guys at penny arcade.Gator

Brandon: Probably the Jenga type. What an exciting answer!


You’re back in my life again… bless you, Nintendorks. – Arnette

Brandon: You’re welcome.

I like DRC’s. They make me happy. If we could get them back on a daily basis, that would be great. Thanks! – arghan

Brandon: What’s weird is I thought about this on the drive to work this morning…next week, starting Monday, I’ll do DRCs every day. Even if there’s only one.

Wow, this place hasn’t collapsed under the massive weight of all those updates yet? That ‘new’ server must be sweet. Why the fuck didn’t you guys find it 10 years ago )other than the lazy part, which we all know and love)? I could still be collecting coins for the red bomb in the store if you had, dammit! >.< – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: The red bomb is a lie.

Friendship powers activate! – Ned the Head

Brandon: Hey I bit the bullet and entered prestige mode. I missed that sound effect of completeing challenges and getting promoted. I think I’ll keep doing it until I get an icon I like. The first one is poopy.

After literally hours of practice, I finally beat Jumping Jack Flash on Sweatin’ in Elite Beat Agents. So now I get to play with the Elite Beat Divas. I feel pretty awesome. – Gato

Brandon: You should.

Remember a few months ago when I wrote in that my wife and I were expecting our first baby? Yeah, the next day we had a miscarriage.

The evil of this site, and the DRCs in particular, is beyond anything I ever imagined. – Nintendork327

Brandon: You’re welcome.

Have you seen that Heinekin commercial where the guy hands a girl a Heiny, and then that girl buys someone else a Heiny, and so on and so forth until someone ends up giving the original guy a Heiny? I always laugh hysterically, because to me, it looks like the first person didn’t want it in the first place, so they re-gift the same bottle to someone else, and then THAT person doesn’t want it, so THEY re-gift it to someone else. In the end, it looks like the original guy gets his own Heinekin back. Perhaps a parallel to the fruit cake phenomenon that happens during Christmas? All I know is a love that commercial, because it looks like a 30 second short-comedy. – Dewey

Brandon: I hate that commercial because it tells me to give my Heineken to someone else.

I went to the San Diego Zoo and saw some elephants. Pretty much all they do is throw dirt on themselves and smell like poop. I could have done that myself at home. – Kitty

Brandon: Yeah but you can’t suck up to 15 quarts of water into your nose and then blow it into your mouth.

I’m disappointed with the lack of online with WiiWare games. There’s two so far, Dr. Mario and Major League Eating. I thought it was going to be more like Live Arcade… goddammit, Nintendo. – Skoad

Brandon: Nothing on the Wii will be like XBLA, sorry.

whats that navi program on the iphone screen? I am guessing photoshop as I don’t see it in the app store on my phone. – joebells

Brandon: I’m going to guess it’s connected to Navi, the friend-finding service of Datadorks.

I’m still playing Pinball Hall Of Fame pretty regularly. At first I thought you reviewed it a bit harshly when you called it out for lack of online high score tables, but as I keep playing and occasionally bump up my high scores on a table or two, I find myself more and more in agreeance. My 30 million on Jive Time cries out in want of confounding the masses. – ANewChallenger

Brandon: Seeeee? One of the best things about Geometry Wars 2 on XBLA is the online leaderboards. The other best things is seeing everyone hate Travis for his Pacifism score.

I’ve spent too much time going back and beating everyone’s story in Soul Calibur 4. I didn’t mean that to sound so scandalous; on a related note, I’m really liking it. People should add me so we can play (Bones Macaroni).

Also, I’ve made it my goal to beat every one of your scores in Geometry Wars 2. Sorry. Consider it an opening salvo. – Adam

Brandon: Well, you can certainly TRY.

Do not mock the Ys! It may have a funny name, it has the best combat system EVAR! You see an enemy, and you run into them, and that’s it! Buttons are for chumps! – Guppy06

Brandon: I’m not sure I know or remember what you’re talking about, but you seem so enthusastic about it I’ll just politely agree.

Regarding Mark’s trouble finding Tetris DS, why don’t they sell that game anymore? It was great, and one of the best/earliest uses of online play. I fortunately bought it when it was new, and I’ve never seen it since.


(If I type it in caps the big-wigs in charge of these decisions might hear it.) – Emily

Brandon: Especially since they google out site ALL the time.

I heard the term “butt pirate” the other day and laughed for 10 minutes. Is that weird? – Butthole

Brandon: That depends, was it 1987?

Why in the hell does every portable gaming system carryig case let you hold like 6 games TOPS at any times/! They don’t cater at all to people ho have lots of games. Fuck nintendo, whu dont you think I want to own a lot of your games. – Emily

Brandon: Store them in your vagine.

Further reinforcing the idea that my grasp of technology is ineffectual and limp-fingered at best, I go to the forums and I have an iPhone but I have no idea what programs those Nintendorks and Navi buttons in the picture are supposed to be or do. – Jai

Brandon: You’re asking the wrrrroooooong person.

Umm… Dr. Horrible is available for free at hulu.com, just like it says at drhorrible.com.

Is Adam just eager for PMs?

On another note, I’m glad to see that you have apparently decided to give up on Nintendo and cover random entertainment stuff from a few weeks ago on the main page. Now all that’s left is securing the domain miscellaneousdorks.com, which, as I type this, is still available! – #1 Dr. Horrible Fan

Brandon: That name isn’t fun to say at all.

Someone mentioned the Nintendorks for Obama group in the last DRCs, so I now am left wonder if you all are a bunch of secret Muslims. – Saleem

Brandon: I don’t even know what that means, but if it’s political, then begone with you. Politics have no place here.

I volunteered at the local high school library today. My hands hurt. – ANC

Brandon: …what exactly were you doing?

Could Link beat Batman in a fight? – Mark

Brandon: Probably. Batman doesn’t have a lock-on button.

Do you have enough comments for another edition of the DRCs yet? – Eldaron


How about now? – Eldaron


Kevyn is on fire with his latest two articles. Someone tell me whose dick I have to suck in order to suck Kevyn’s. – Villian on the Cover

Brandon: Probably just Kevyn?