DRCs: 08-18-08

by Brandon on

Hi, I’m Fred. I like tacos and ’71 Cabernet. My favorite color is magenta.

Is it wrong that I like “I Will Posess Your Heart” by Death Cab For Cutie? When I first heard it, I had no idea it was by them, because based on their name, I made it a point to never listen to their music. I feel a little ashamed now. Nevermind the fact that when I DO hear it, I think of the rhapsody.com commercial. Sigh. – Jim

Brandon: Sounds like you just grew up a little. You’ll soon become a man with free will and his own opinions.

Cat Stevens did the Harold and Maude soundtrack, and I am relieved that I know that now. It was so cool to hear the song “Tea for the Tillerman” in that context.

When I hear Jim Croce’s name, I think of the song “Time in a Bottle”. However, he also sang “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim”. My personal favorite Jim Croce song is “Operator”. – Gato

Brandon: Hmmm, ok then, I guess they’re both pretty good. I think Cat Stevens would win in a fight, however.

Braid is fun, and at the same time I HATE IT. The person who came up with that game must be hugged TO DEATH. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Hahah, that’s actually a pretty good review.

I like tapatio – selendrile

Brandon: I like descriptions.

DRCs on a daily basis? That’s never actually happened has it? – Brubaker

Brandon: Are you high? Or new? You’re not THAT new, are you? Sould I ask another question? Should I?

Yusuf Islam did the soundtrack to Harold & Maude. – starmand

Brandon: I think Cat Stevens could beat up Yusuf Islam.

The iPhone allows you have a link to a website on the home page, which is what the Nintendorks and Navi icons do. I wrote a special interface for Navi for use on the iPhone which looks like so:

Also Kyle finally got around to adding the icon for the board so now you can have that on the home screen too!

There doesn’t look like there’s any phpbb3 styles for use on iPhone, so I might wind up writing one so you don’t have to zoom in all the time. – Jbond64

Brandon: If I had an iPhone I would probably be pretty excited!

I’ll believe in DAILY reader comments when I see it. – Eldaron

Brandon: Your eyes are about to melt outside your head, drip down your cheeks, and run into the corners of your mouth.

Brandon: Store them in your vagine.

I think that would hurt the resale value.

…or maybe it wouldn’t, but that’s even worse.

Also, I like these new guys- Emily

Brandon: I guarantee you’d have to blow on them to get them to play. The games, not the new guys.

I wonder if you’ll still be getting DRCs proclaiming, “Golly, you guys are back!” a year from now. – Chives

Brandon: Probably, since we’re due for a crash any day now.

Did I mention I got married yet? Well there you go. – Opty

Brandon: I knew you did, but I don’t think you ever made such an official announcement. Congratulations!

How was the pirate bar? – matthew

Brandon: Hah, I forgot to submit my review in that thread, sorry. Well, it wasn’t nearly as pirate-y as I hoped/expected. The wait staff dressed up as pirates and wenches–when asked what her name was, our waitress told us to call her wench. When pressed, she caved and said we could call her “wench Jade” (which I did many times). The grog was whatever grog is (rum and triple sec? I don’t know, but it was yummy), but I didn’t really feel like a pirate drinking 4 or 5 mugs of it.

I ordered a plate of chicken bits in a hot sauce so hot the tavern requested you sign a waiver before eating it…they were out of waivers, but they served it to me anyway. It was good, and it was definitely hot (when friends sampled it, I told them not to breathe through their mouth because, like fire, the hot sauce was fueled by oxygen). They had a deal where if you licked the plate clean, you get a free shot of their choosing. I was convinced it would be a shot of the hot sauce, so I didn’t bother.

It had a nice little fenced-in outdoor patio, but if I were to rate the place on a scale of 1-10, the pirate-ness of it would only bump it up half a point…maybe a full point if I were drinking grog while rating.

What would you do if I sang out of tune? – Mark

Brandon: What do you mean, IF?

What is the offical Mr. Face stance on a beard without a mustache? I haven’t shaved or trimmed since the end of June and am considering some options. It seems like a big waste to discard such a beard, but it’s really annoying having a mop over your mouth when you drink. Seriously, the other day at Subway I needed 2 napkins just to draw Dr Pepper from the welcome mat to my mouth after each sip. And I figure at least 25% of my soda ended up there instead of in my belly.

So yay or nay? – dookie

Brandon: I’m still trying to get over your use of the phrase “welcome mat.” Though if you go through with it, you could dress up as an Amish dude for halloween.

When the hell did Nintendorks come back and update regularly? – Andrew


I figured that Batman would take advantage of Link whenever Navi spazzes out one of her ‘HEY! LISTEN!’ fits. But, Batarangs don’t bring back items to Batman. Where does Link get those wonderful toys? – CNE

Brandon: I’m pretty sure Batman can’t lock his batarangs on to multiple targets before throwing them.

Link can transform into a wolf, so I’m pretty sure he could beat Batman. Because anyone who’s seen The Dark Knight knows that Batman’s kryptonite is, apparently, dogs. Close enough, right?

Also, please do not do the DRCs everyday “even if there’s only one.” Because then it wouldn’t be the DRCs. It would be “the DRC.” Then you’d have to change the “DRCs” title on the page, and change it back again the next time someone sent more than one. Unless you’re comfortable with being a liar. – AJ

Brandon: I like to think there will be more than one a day, but we shall see.

Nothing really interesting, just wanted to see the piece on the Power Glove was fucking rad. – The T

Brandon: I myself found it to be totally tubular.