DRCs: 08-22-08

by Brandon on

Phew, I’m exhausted!

I was kicked from the studio by a hairy knuckle shuffler. Jobo sure has some powerful friends, I tell you what – DC

Brandon: Ooooh, DRAMA!

They took me off of my robot repair duties and sent me to a boring office again. What’s the opposite of drinking a whole bottle of champagne and sending in a DRC? That’s what I need to do tonight. – Emily

Brandon: You ate meat loaf and read IGN? Sounds like a lame night.

I wear pants everyday. – Travis

Brandon: We’re so proud of you.

I think Dookie may be the next Hitler. Everything is black and white with that man. Bear. Manbear. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: You think everyone may be the next Hitler.

I need a job. – Skoad

Brandon: The world needs ditch diggers too!

What the hell? Only five DRCs? Maybe you should take another week off so you can respond to more. – Chives

Brandon: Obviously you didn’t get the memo.

I’m going swimming after work tonight. I might practice my front flip. I’ll let you know how it goes. – Gato

Brandon: You mean I have to wait THE ENTIRE WEEKEND before I find out your exciting results?

I think I love Star Trek more than Nintendo – Mark

Brandon: That’s kind of sad.

I enjoyed playing No More Heroes. Just thought you’d like to know that. – selendrile

Brandon: I was actually just thinking to myself, “Self, I wonder if selndrile has played No More Heroes yet, and, more importantly, what did he think of it?”

I feel cheated. That was too short. – hero

Brandon: In this case you can shoot the messenger…because that’d be you guys, not me.

I made the LSU Tiger Band! 🙂 – kindernoob

Brandon: Band Camp helped you out in more ways than one!

I’ve got a streak of like 6 straight weeks of showing up to work on Friday with a hang over. Well I guess I didn’t actually show up last week but I still got paid.Should this be considered normal, rational behavior? – dookie

Brandon: Welcome to the working world!

Everyone went to lunch and left me here by myself. Why would they do that! – Emily

Brandon: You probably stink like bad Indian food.

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Brandon: Your client must be totally powerful to have someone else submit spam for him.