DRCs: 08-28-08

by Brandon on

Steve Foley RIP

At first, I was disappointed that you didn’t post MY hilarious DRC about Mr. Tunstall. Then, I realized that we all had made the same joke, and understood. This, of course, means that either the Nintendorks all have a similar sense of humor…or, more likely, we have begun evolving into a single hivemind. This will make world domination a much simpler process. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: If predictable jokes about e-mail spam were cash money, we’d be RICH.

My wireless router is giving up the ghost. Should I try experiencing the wonderful hassle of updating the firmware, buying a new router because the old one is just going to break again anyway, or going out for a delicious burger while an uncomfortable knot of knowledge (That there is fucked technology at home) lies heavy at the pit of my chest? – Jai

Brandon: Is this why we had to fight the final Castle Crashers boss 4 times?! You bastard.

Who is this Ned the Head? I do not need my good name Sullied by this impostor. I have a headset and would like to play some CoD4 tonight. – The Real Ned

Brandon: Sethinator…who actually also isn’t Sethinon. It’s very confusing.

I just got owned by a Easy computer Undead player in Warcraft III. My build orders and hotkey assignments are all out of whack. I actually lost footies when creeping. And I let the computer build all the way up to Wyrms without any harrassment at all. Shameful.

I write because any other shameful action I perform in life will not be any greater than this. It is always darkest before the dawn. – CNE

Brandon: That’s what you get for playing human.

Have you been watching Reality Bites Backs? It makes me laugh. Michael Ian Black. – Drake

Brandon: Dammit I saw commercials for that and meant to check it out, but forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

Hey I’m moving to Fairbanks, ak so please post this drc as who knows of sure if the others I will send via dogsled will make it! – nightlite1999

Brandon: Are you already speaking alaskan? I barely understood half of that.

I appear to have seven Wavebirds.

You leave two of them alone in a box for six months, and the next thing you know…

— Dayton – David

Brandon: I’m totally going to try that when I get home!

Since these regular DRC updates harken back to the good ole days of the site I will post my fiver word review of Ocarina of Time because back in that time I was too afraid to submit a DRC.

Greatest game ever. It’s true. – Saleem

Brandon: Haha, why were you afraid? CHICKEN.

I’ve realized what has become of my already minuscule gaming time: I spend it reading Nintendorks! DAMN YOU GUYS! – Eldaron

Brandon: You must be a slow reader. Emphasis on slow.

Remember when I wrote about how I got molested when I wrote for you, and you said I was fake? Yeah. – CJ

Brandon: Hey CJ, how’s it going???

Since it wasn’t on the New Game Releases post, I thought I should remind everyone that Castle Crashers is also out this week for Xbox Live Arcade. I know it’s Nintendo-rks and blah, blah, blah, but it’s by The Behemoth, who made Alien Hominid (which kicked ass) and an independent 2D beat-em-up with hand-drawn art and 4-player online co-op seems like the kind of thing ‘dorks would go for anyway. – llamapalooza

Brandon: It’s also the reason there weren’t any DRCs yesterday.

With all of this talk of the amazing Pacifism score put up by Travis, I can’t hold back any longer. My gamertag is RedSix66 and it’s officially on!

On a Nintendo note, I sure wish the Wii had a great online scoreboard system for download games like Geometry Wars does.

That’s not really a Nintendo note, I guess. – RedSix

Brandon: It was a Nintendo note in my pinball review!