I Guess Bioware May Make DS Games Possibly

by Adam Robinson on

Very little Nintendo news over the past week or two, so how about some non-news from BioWare’s Miles Holmes, the lead designer of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood?

As an aside, I love the idea of Sonic Chronicles. Can you imagine the heavy decisions he’d have to make with BioWare’s patented dialog tree system? If you are too much of an asshole, do you turn into Shadow the Hedgehog? I just blew my own mind. But, moving on. Gameindustry.biz via Eurogamer.de has learned that BioWare is looking at Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age as possible titles for Nintendo’s handheld. While nothing is confirmed at this point, the sheer possibility of playing something other than Elite Beat Agents and Civilization Revolution is a great proposition for me.