New Old Games: August 4 Revised

by Adam Robinson on

Hand to god, there were press releases that both Mega Man and Ys (not to mention Samurai Showdown II) would be available to purchase right now.

These companies–Hudson for Ys, SNK for Samurai Showdown II–have conspired to make me a liar. For now we’re just going to be happy playing Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Master System and Splatterhouse 2 for the Genesis. These are 500 and 800 points, respectively. Splatterhouse 2 is actually the first M-Rated game released for the download service! That should help soothe the fiery pains Nintendo of America inflicted upon us by withholding Ys and Mega Man. Hey Nintendo! We’re your fans, remember? Also, everything I said about Wild West Guns (1-2 players, 1000 points) still stands. Go buy bargain basement Zappers!

Check below for my ridiculous failure from yesterday. Ouch. Can’t wait to go check the forums and see who caught it first.