New releases for the week of 8/4

by Cory Birdsong on

If you wanted this PS3/360 racer to look like an N64 game and have less-than-ideal control options, then look no further!

Who buys this kind of game for the DS?

Quick Yoga Training
Ubisoft hopes this will be more successful than the series’ previous entry, Meandering Yoga Training.
The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom
I really wish I knew what the Cheetah Girls were, so I could come up with a joke beyond “I’d give them the passport to my stardom!”
Rock Blast
I bet this puzzle game with a generic premise was once Windows shareware, or maybe even a flash game.
Little League World Series 2008
I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this is a cheaply made sports title that has characters that look like Miis and doesn’t even do baseball better than Wii Sports’ pedestrian attempt.
Addendum: APPARENTLY, previously mentioned Wii shovelware Summer Olympics and King of Clubs were pushed back to this week, so you can continue to not buy them.

ALSO, Order Up, which I previously made fun of, is apparently worth a glance. I have begun to leverage my contacts within the industry (Gamefly) in order to get my hands on a copy so that I might review it properly.