Strategy First Titles Come to the DS Last

by Travis Woodside on

No real Nintendo news has evolved in my talking to you about Jagged Alliance DS, and the potential for other DS games based on titles from ancient company Strategy First. A deal has been forged with Pocket PC Studios to bring Jagged Alliance, Disciples, and likely other games if these first two do well. If you’ve never heard of those two game properties it’s okay, Jagged Alliance, for example, hasn’t seen an installment in its franchise since 1999. Jagged Alliance was a turn based tactical strategy game starring mercenaries. There were two games in the series and it’s unknown if a new release would be a straight port of one of those titles are some form of glorified port combining the two in some fashion. Disciples… honestly I’ve never even heard of Disciples so your guess is as good as mine. Let’s just assume it’s an action RPG starring John the Baptist.

Update! Cory: “Judging from the screens now located after the jump, Jagged Alliance DS is a remake of the first game, since it has a bunch of characters I am unfamiliar with and a reference to “trees owned,” which is how you earn money to keep paying your mercenaries. Jagged Alliance 2 was one of the most excellent turn based strategy games I’ve ever played (play it on Steam or Gametap!), so I hope this is in good hands. I also hope it actually ends up coming out – the series has had several sequel/spinoff announcements over the years, and none of them have actually come to fruition.”