DRCs: 09-09-08

by Brandon on

Sorry for the delay…first I was sick, then I was busy catching up on work due to being sick, then I was lazy due to doing too much work.

Do you ever worry that maybe the fact that the world hasn’t yet had a visitor from the future means we’ll never master the science of time travel? I mean, unless we’ve already had visitors from the future that stayed incognito. But why the hell would they do that? – AJ

Brandon: So they could make money betting on sports and not get in trouble! Didn’t you see Doc Hollywood?!

I actually loved those Humongous games when I was a little kid, especially Pajama Sam. It makes me sad that now they’re just shovelware games for the Wii. – Skoad

Brandon: I’ll take your word for it.

Just a reminder, that Tiny Toon Adventures Season 1 Volume 1 has been out for a few weeks. If you value your life, you will buy purchase it right away – PlatinumPumpkin

Brandon: Sorry, but when that show premiered, I was a freshman in college. I’m old, and in being old, I have the wisdom knowing that Thundercats and Voltron kick Tiny Toon’s ass.

ohgodohgodohgod, I just killed a man, what do I do brandon?WHAT DO I DO?!? – EmeraldTheMaster

Brandon: Go aplogize to his parents. It worked for Serena.

WoW, the DRCs are back!!! And the site is being updated semiregularly. The end times are here:) – bomberman

Brandon: Well then it’s a good thing I let the DRCs slip for week from time to time. That’s right, I’m not answering DRCs just so the site sticks around…yeah, that’s it…

Last night I had a vivid dream that I was a new freshman at the University of Georgia. I remember a fraternity encouraging me to join, seeing a cadaver with goosebumps in the med school, and trying to register in a huge gymnasium. – Gato

Brandon: I think that means you’re a necrophiliac!

In case you stopped reading the thread, Brandon, I gave you 10 points in the Catan tourney. You can come back and play if you wanna. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Whaaaaaat? But I played against 3 AI and won every time! One time I won with 24 points! Honestly!not honestly

Yesterday I finally beat the Easy Computer, but lost to a Normal. I want to blame the mouse or keyboard, but I do know its me, my crappy Human build, and my absolutely horrible in-battle micro.

Also, my complete forgetting on what to do against enemies. “Oh, I can dispel those skeletons! Should have remembered that 5 seconds ago when I still had priests.” – CNE

Brandon: Your hero can also level up and cast spells.

I saw both you and Jai playing Castle Crashers, and I wanted to get up ins on that, but I was watching Slings & Arrows, a great little Canadian show about the theatre.

Also, I gave up on Geometry Wars because of Travis’ scores. I think I’m still beating him on something, though. – Adam

Brandon: Like many people, my Castle Crasher playing time is solely offline until they patch that mess.

Will you please buy me Final Fantasy Tactics A2? – Mark

Brandon: No.

So somebody stole my wii, and all my wii games/controllers. And this idiot left all my gamecube games, hahahaha, sucker… – Alex Winter

Brandon: You should check them for fingerprints. Maybe he picked up your copy of Shrek Super Party and decided against it.

This Real Ned guy is as good as dead. Just needed to get that out there.

In other news I got my headset last night. Whoopee! – Ned the Head

Brandon: Oooooooooh! I’m now on my second prestige playthrough…now that I’ve done it once I’m still undecided if I’m going to do it anymore.

So the last time this site was big Nintendo was failing with N64 and GameCube. Then the site went dark and Nintendo started tearing up the gaming world with Wii.

Is this site making a resurgence going to jinx Nintendo and make the Wii start to fail? – Brubaker

Brandon: Did you just call the N64 and GameCube failures?

The irony behind buying “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” is that by the time you’ve left the checkout it’s pretty much confirmed whether or not this is the case.

Wait, is that even ironic?

I’ve never claimed to be intelligent myself. – Elrando

Brandon: I’ve never watched the show, but I bet I’m smarter than a 5th grader. 5th graders have probably never seen Boogie Nights, and there’s tons of knowledge in there.

FUCK YEAH SEAK-I MEAN JAGGED ALLIANCE! Though just a port of the first game, this doesn’t really bother me, as I like that better than the sequel.

Oh, and in case no-one else told you, Disciples is a Heroes of Might & Magic wannabe, that actually does a fair few things different in a good way. – BeardedBunny

Brandon: Your knowledge and enthusiasm is captivating!

I remember the good old days when i could leave this site for a month and not miss anything… now i have to go back and read everything. A man has only so many hours in the day Brandon WHY!!!”! – brettimus

Brandon: I’ve said many times if I could choose a superpower it would be the ability to not sleep and not get sleepy.

While I’m glad that the main page is back, I’m not sure that my wallet is. Since you all have gone live, I’ve purchased Pinball HoF, Boom Blox, and will soon get Lost Winds once I make room on the Wii HD (I already own Mario Kart Wii and Ninja Five-O).

It reminds me of the days of buying Body Harvest, JFG, Harvest Moon 64 (which wins an award for “Game I love, but never would’ve played if it weren’t for Nintendorks”). Heck, you even had me listening to the Pipettes.

I’d like to think that I’m not a mindless sheep. Maybe it’s just true what they say, “Mr. Face never wrong.” – Gator

Brandon: If you like The Pipettes you should check out Lucky Soul.

I asked Travis to write an article about how handsome you and I are, Brandon. He refused. You should fire him. – Mark

Brandon: I believe I’m having lunch with him on Friday, and I will give him a very STERN look for at least 3 seconds. If I remember.


Brandon: Is that your job?

Tell ’em Diddy says Nintendorks is open late. – Diddy

Brandon: Hey everybody! Diddy says Nintendorks is open late!

I didn’t visit nintendorks the entire labor day weekend. And now I have a cold. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! – hero

Brandon: If you caught what I have, expect to be miserable for about a week.

Remember when somebody pretended to be me and sent a follow-up DRC and you thought the fake me was the real me? Turns out I was careless about my initials — just as I was careless about my sexuality on that steamy summer night at E3 in the hotel room on South Figueroa Street. – C.J. or CJ

Brandon: Mmmm, the Inn Towne…where magic happens…

You did not tell me whether or not to buy Mario Super Sluggers, so I did. It’s pretty neat. – Emily

Brandon: That review is not good enough. Choose cake or death.