DRCs: 09-16-08

by Brandon on

Happy birthday, Kevin! When’s the birthday boy going to be on TV?

Too many words, not enough pictures on the front page. Kevin, specifically! Words words words words! Here’s a picture, because it’d be kind of silly for me to complain about other people only using words by doing so myself:


(it’s a person!) – Emily

Brandon: You are a horrible artist, and I hope you are never creative again.

How many “Sarah Palin is Hot” DRCS are there? – Eldaron

Brandon: Just one so far, and it was horrible.

Hey brandon, I was just out at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this past weekend. I went by the Nintendo booth, and apart from some cool DS games (chronotrigger, the new castlevania) there weren’t any good games for the wii. It was basically all mario spinoff games (wario, mario soccer, mario party, etc.) I fear for this holiday season…it’s like 1997 all over again, when all we got was Diddy Kong Racing and the price of Shadows of the Empire lowered to 40 bucks. – Telstar

Brandon: They should have shown your movie there.

It was my birthday two hours ago but I forgot to post then. – Dolphin

Brandon: I forgot to care.

“There is no moral to this story. It is just sad.” – hahahaha… yeah…… but hey – what about “Burkeys Barn”, eh? also I thought it would have been great to see some of the altered jeff foxworthy models 😀 – drock

Brandon: Like a headless model.

That 3-way Mario Land race was a great idea….Now, if you could arrange a threeway with Daisy (or even Peach), you’d really be on to something! – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: In that race, everyone is a winner.

Holy shit I’d almost forgotten about you guys!Now I’m a commin for you… – Anal Sects

Brandon: Thank god you spelled that with an ‘o’.

So I sat around trying to figure out a way to come off as ignorant about Smokey and the Bandit but I’m much too lazy. Make up something for me, will you? – Opty

Brandon: Anyone who hasn’t seen and enjoyed Smokey and the Bandit is ignorant or stupid.

My car’s gas pedal fell off. I didn’t even know that could happen. – NothingMan

Brandon: What the hell kind of car do you drive?

Can I be a Nintendorks Intern? – Mark

Brandon: Everyone that posts on the message board is a Nintendorks Intern. Congratulations!

Why have you forsaken us Lord Brandon of the Howling Moors? – Captain Poland

Brandon: You have me confused with a different Brandon. I am Sir Brandon of the Bowling Whores.

Tell Diddy that DK is way better.

I don’t care which Diddy he is, either. P. Diddy had this kind of ego-check coming, too. – Jai

Brandon: I do not want to work for Diddy. Either one.

“I SORT GLASS” was not from me. I don’t mind impostery, but if you do it in the DRCs I’m almost sure to have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

What the fuck are you talking about?!? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I’m afraid someone thinks you’re retarded.

After going through most of college jobless, I am finally employed again. I’ll be working at Space Center Houston. I like the Space Center part, but I don’t care much for the Houston part.

What will I do there? Don’t know yet. Probably tourist herding of some sort. I think I’ll find out at the orientation on Tuesday, assuming that bastard Ike doesn’t ruin everything. – Orange Soda

Brandon: Maybe one day you’ll take a wrong turn and accidentally end up on a rocketship blasting off to space! Wouldn’t THAT be an adventure!!!

That wasn’t Doc Hollywood. It was The Secret of my Success! You know, the one where his team won the basketball game at the end after he shaved. Also I think he slept with his aunt. – Pondslider

Brandon: His hairy aunt.

I don’t appreciate these “Jonas Brothers” appropriating my online alter-ego, resulting in my unwitting association with them. The only thing I know about them is that they covered the Beatles in that Target commercial and wear ridiculous vests. Both uncool things. – Jonas

Brandon: Let them know your name is Jonas, and maybe they’ll let you in on some of the cash. Maybe you could even join their band!

Brandon, is it true that you single handedly tore down the Berlin Wall brick by brick? – WarioFan63

Brandon: No, my hands can hold more than one brick.

I sort of got misty eyed when I realized the site was updating regularly again. I hope Chris still posts news. I’ll have to comb the backlogs. Are you guys going to put together a staff page, so that non-community Nintendorks fans can know who’s who and what’s up? – This guy

Brandon: Yeah, I was going to wait until there was some actual content, and then there will be staff names on the sidebar you can click on to see everything that staffer wrote. I think there’s enough content now, so now I’m just being lazy.

By not updating the DRCs, you let my wife have an asthma attack, causing me to cancel the Nintendork gathering I was planning. To make up for it, my wife requests nude pixplz. – CNE

Brandon: That’s too bad, I was going to bring my laptop and let you answer DRCs.

Will Wright plays Advance Wars. He is probably better than me. – Mark

Brandon: At everything.

Just two men sharing the night

It might seem wrong but it’s just right

It’s just two men sharing each other

It’s just two men like loving brothers

One on top, and one on bottom

One inside, and one is out

One is screaming he’s so happy

The other’s screaming a passionate shout

It’s the Night Man

The feeling so wrong it’s right man

the feeling so wrong…

I can’t fight you man when you come inside me and pin me down your strong hands and I’ll become the Night….the passionate, passionate Night Man. – Charlie


So at my fancy Physical Therapy grad school I cut open dead people. It’s pretty fascinating, but it’s really difficult so it’s been cutting in on my videogaming time. We’re down to a few hours a week. The human body is complicated 🙁 – graddy

Brandon: Have you found anything cool inside? Any Junior Mints?