DRCs: 09-25-08

by Brandon on

Can I get a what what.

You know…it’s pretty damn sad when even a Wii is too expensive for me.

…then again, maybe the reason I’m broke is because I built a new gaming PC that can actually play Crysis on Very High… =D – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: Play what on who?

I love playing Wii and being British be play soccer games a lot – though resident evil 4 rocks too! Anyway here is a parody for the advert. 🙂 – Dimi Petrova

Brandon: Crikey, I have absolutley no idea what I just watched.

I’m so glad I found your entry on this – I thought I was the only one that noticed. It’s also in the intro of the game “Sim Town” (where I first heard it), and I just heard it in the Southland Tales trailer.

It drives me nuts! – Amanda

Brandon: I had to remind myself this was about the diddy laugh…man, it’s been a while since I answered these things!

Writing this in here as I thought it was cool, but not worth a new topic on the boards, but had no fit in any of the current topics.

Seems someone took a computer program called Mario Paint Composer and used it to do Through the Fire and Flames. – Phil Matthews

Brandon: What is this, YouTube Thursday? You can actually see a lot of videos like that on youtube, and I suggest you watch them with better songs.

I actually learned something from Kevin’s latest article about Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. Go Team Nintendorks! – Mark

Brandon: Knowledge is power!

I just wanted to remind you how awesome Burnout Paradise is. You can ride a damn bike! – Yahiko

Brandon: I got 101% a couple days ago, so now it will mostly go unplayed until the new island(s) come out.

Telstar’s lackluster review of the Nintendo booth at PAX glossed over the awesomeness that is Wario Land, a game that I tested (second-to-last before I left Nintendo) and I’m still going to buy (my wife’s getting it for me tomorrow) because it’s that awesome. He also skipped over The Conduit (to be honest so did I) and Rhythmn Heaven. But besides that, he was basically correct on the rest being rehashes though.

Also I got to play Starcraft 2 there. Zerg’s fuckin crazy now I tell you what. – Opty

Brandon: They weren’t crazy before?

I’m not sure if this was type of thing makes building big LEGO Mario statues easier or harder, but I do like LEGOs and Mario.Jai

Brandon: I can’t think of a sarcastic response–that was pretty fucking cool.

Nice article, Kevin, but you lose 10 points for not mentioning how the KORG DS-10 sounds like something designed to subjugate the human race.


See me. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: B- is a good grade! Or at least it was good enough for me.

Good news Amazon USA will be shipping the US/English version Oct 14th..which means that by then or soon after the Korg USA site ( korg.com) will have the English full manual pdf available for free downloading..Gary just google analog synthisiser basics ect for onlline articles to learn what the knobs are and how to use them..

Excellent video though..I applaud your refreshing humbleness..thanks – mr_l@verizon.net

Brandon: I don’t know who Gary is, but after watching Kevin’s video I have to admit I’m intrigued…at least until I realized I would never have any success with it.

“Casual gaming is the buzz word for this generation of consoles. Nintendo regained the market by focusing on this market (the easy to please market) [..] As a point of success this is an open and shut case, but I’m not here to talk about Nintendo’s success”

Not quite. Business know how disagrees with you greatly. – Modplan Man

Brandon: Hey Travis, people are actually reading your articles!

I’m a bloated and distended penis. – Turgid Wang

Brandon: I prefer the pompous and bombastic wang.

I think you should change the meaning of DRCs to Delayed Reader Comments. – Jbond64

Brandon: Hey that’s clever!

SquirrelGOD:Brandon::Jay Leno:Johnny Carson – Gato

Brandon: I thought he did a fine job, but thanks anyway…actually I take that back because your comment reminded me of the SATs. THANKS.

When every I hear “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader” my reality TV-damaged brain translates it to “Who Wants To Marry A 5th Grader” and then I realize, the host and the audience would be the same. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: That being you.

So, I buckled down and bought my mandatory purchase of “Dewy’s Adventure”. It has some VERY pretty storyboard water paintings, but the fun ends there. The controls are awful. It feels like you’re sliding on ice the entire time, and that’s before you turn into Dewy’s “ice” version, where you start to slide even more. The game design is made for 6 year olds, but the controls give it a difficulty scale of 99/100.

Oh, for the lazy people:

Dewy’s Adventure / Dewey is Overrated. – Dewey

Brandon: I had absolutley no interest in that game when I first saw it. Thank god my name isn’t Dewey. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Well, it appears that the fraternities DIDN’T really want me to join… rather, the club that builds destruction derby robots is the one that wanted me to join.

I really don’t know how to interpret that, but I can’t think of any truly positive spin to put on it.

Oh well… off to discuss Joseph Conrad whilst pondering whether to purchase Wario or Samba this week. — David – Dayton

Brandon: I caved an bought The Force Unleashed instead. I needed something to tide me over until Fallout 3!

I watched the first Kirby clip! Who the hell says “sness??” Last time I checked, it was a “Super Nintendo.” – djm79

Brandon: Seriously!

Jenny Lewis. – alt-crunchy

Brandon: I like when she sings ba ba ba in that one video of that one song.

Listen, “Adam”. Your name isn’t so easy either. Why do you have to pick on me why oh god bloo bloo blooo – RubixsQube

Brandon: Ooooh, he almost said blooper! Yaaaaay!

Adam’s latest “New Old Games” implies he used to have the Sega Channel. That rocks. Good call on that guy. – Mark

Brandon: That’s nothing, I have the Sega Chunnel.

I am going to go buy Samba de Amigo as soon as I finish typing this, supposed broken controls be damned.

I’ll let you know how that goes… – MEKsLP

Brandon: Please do. When I saw the maracas at Best Buy my will was severely tested.

Fuck you! I’m awesome. – Kirby Flogo

Brandon: Yes, YOU are, but everyone surrounding you is a severe dissapointment to humanity.

Mega Man 9 is pretty much everything I hoped it could be. The music isn’t as catchy as Mega Man 2 (though Tornado Man’s stage tries at times) but it’s all good, save for the boss intro theme. The new bosses and levels are all fantastic, and considering how strained the designers must be for new ideas the weapons are also pretty cool. And the challenges and time trials are nice additions that add a little longevity (or a lot of longevity if you’re insane enough to try for the Mr. Perfect challenge.) I’d put it right there with Mega Man 2 and 3 as one of the best games in the series.

P.S. Fuck you, Concrete Man. – ANC

Brandon: Can someone explain the pros and cons between buying this on Wii Ware, and buying it on XBLA? I mean, other than creating a black hole with the latter.

Is there a Mrs Face, or is Mr Face just a bad ass pimp that smashes a different lady each night?? – Brettimus

Brandon: What the hell do you think. I’m not even going to honor that question with a response. Oh wait…DAMMIT.