DRCs: 09-30-08

by Brandon on

My nose is a faucet.

I believe Mrs. Face goes by Jbond64 on the forums. – kindernoob

Brandon: I can’t decide if that’s a compliment or not. Hehe, compliment.

You were so wrapped up in your silly Star Wars game you never joined me in Call of Duty and I had to play alone… Not that I cared that much because I was playing on my brand new tv. – Ned the Head

Brandon: I said I’d join you when I was done with that mission, and when I popped CoD4 in, you were nowhere to be seen!

So apparently the XBox Live Arcade rerelease of Banjo-Kazooie is going to have stop-n-swop items enabled for use in the (really bad looking, honestly) new game that’s coming out! – Chives

Brandon: Yeah, I can’t say I’m interested in any of that. It’s 2008!

I have learned the painful lesson regarding taking vacations as an adult and this does not make me happy. Apparently when you get back to work there was no one to do any of it so you have extra to do.

Heaven help me if I ever take two weeks off in a row. – Travis

Brandon: Heaven wants nothing to do with you.

Sorry, Kevin. Looks we were both blessed/cursed when we created out internet screen names at the ripe old age of eleven.

Not a day goes by I don’t think about ending it. And by “it”, I mean ASPLM’s life. I don’t know why I’d pick on him, just because! Love you! – Shadow King

Brandon: Good thing I was 20-something when Al Gore invented the internet!

I propose changing “Type ‘drc’ in here” into “Type ‘penis’ in here.” Think about it… For every DRC there ever is, no matter who wrote it, you know that person had to deliberately type out “penis”. It’s like ass pennies without all the dirty work. – Villian on the Cover

Brandon: That’s not a bad idea except for two things: 1) that would require work on my end, and 2) typing 2 extra letters would require work on your end.

Samba de Amigo made me want to cry. Why does everything in existence have to let me down so severely? – Emily

Brandon: So I should be glad I didn’t cave? Good to know.

So at work today I had to put a bunch of online advertisments up on a special section of this newspapers website. However the special section was called “Senior Living” and involved a bunch of ads about hospitals and hearing aid stuff. Now, knowing how hard it was for me to find this section, I doubt that the actual target audience will ever see these ads, or know they exist, and that the advertisers just wasted a few thousand dollars to put these ads online. – momtartin

Brandon: Well then it’s pretty obvious you have to visit the various old folks homes in your area and show/read the ads to all the old people there. It’s your civic duty.

…so Samba de Amigo after a couple hours:

fun but the controls blow; fuck. – MEKsLP

Brandon: That semi-colon ruined a perfectly good insult.

About your question of Mega Man 9, this is according to IGN:

“While we’re on the subject of 360 though, we need to make a note that each of the versions of Mega Man 9 will look slightly different, since Wii’s build looks to be a direct NES port of sorts, with the HD versions having a slightly smoother, but also higher contrast — not as “NES-like” — presentation. You’re going to get the same experience on every version overall, but those that want to sit down and critique the truly minimal differences between the builds will find that the emulation between the three versions is going to differ ever so slightly. The Wii version has more of the 8-bit look overall to it, but that also means there are harder edges, and a more pronounced “blocky” look. Is that a good thing, or bad? In the end, it’s going to be personal preference, but as die-hard fans who grew up with the Blue Bomber, we prefer the Wii emulation, as it’s truest to form.”

Oh, what did you think of The Force Unleashed? – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: Thanks, I was asking because I had the points on my 360, but not on my Wii…but then I noticed Super Dodge Ball was available, so I added points to get both. I haven’t beat one damn robot, but I did show the USSR dodge ball team who the boss is. I really, really liked The Force Unleashed…so much so that I’m playing through again with all my powers to find the holocrons I didn’t get the first time through, and then I’ll most likely play it again on a harader difficulty. I needed a game to tide me over until Fallout 3 comes out, and I can’t think of a better one than Force Unleashed.

Jenny Lewis singing “ba ba ba” sounds MORE ADVENTUROUS than her singing “na na na.” (Bonus points if you get the reference. I have not made it obvious.) – alt-crunchy

Brandon: I didn’t get it, but I’m willing to bet it’s pretty freaking hip.

I might get that Wario game, but first I need to finish that Strongbad game and maybe play that new Mega Man game. My plate is full. – Ertain

Brandon: Should I know what Strongbad is? I see it mentioned a bunch, but I have no idea what it is.

Why should I send YOU a DRC? What have you done for ME lately? – Battymo

Brandon: I just responded to your DRC!