NPD hardware sales: Nintendominiation continues

by Cory Birdsong on

NPD’s hardware numbers have arrived, and things look pretty much how they’ve been looking for the past, oh, year or more.

Despite continued supply constraint, the Wii handily outsold every other home platform on the market. The DS and Wii combined outsold every other piece of hardware on the market. The only noticeable change is the 360 and PS3 swapping places after a few months of PS3 being on top, but their numbers are similarly anemic in the big picture. The full tally: - Nintendo DS – 518,300

  • Wii – 453,000
  • PSP – 253,000
  • Xbox 360 – 195,200
  • PlayStation 3 – 185,400
  • PlayStation 2 – 144,100

Stay tuned for software numbers.