What is Spore Creatures?

by Travis Woodside on

Some of you may be aware of ‘Spore Creatures’ coming out for the Nintendo DS.

It’s slated to ship on September 7th (the exact same day as Spore for the PC) and yet there has been very little information about the title. Well, just as I was checking out the Nintendo Channel this afternoon I noticed, much to my surprise, that ‘Spore Creatures’ had a downloadable DS demo. Go check it out. What I have learned: Spore Creatures features a very robust creature creator, though it is limited compared to the PC version. You create creatures on a sort of 2D plane and while you have a lot of freedom for where you place appendages and the like there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the size of these parts. You can change the creatures color, but you can’t do so on a part by part basis and instead much change the entire creature’s color set. Still, you can put a tail on a beast’s forehead and a jaw on its crotch, so what’s not to love? Well, I don’t see a way to make a penis monster so if that’s a deal breaker for you then you should look elsewhere.

After creating a creature the demo comes to an end. You can run around for three seconds, or so, but that’s really all there is to do. However, the title does advertise a few features in the final game such as the ability to evolve your creature with new parts and abilities. It seems as if ‘Spore Creatures’ will be a fairly comparable version of Spore PC, minus the robust creature creator and later civilization/sim city type stages. Look forward to running around and poking other creatures in the face on the DS next week.