DRCs: 10-02-08

by Brandon on


Sorry there was no Radio show this week, I was too busy seducing beautiful women and writing edgy political satire. – Mark

Brandon: I don’t believe either of those things.

I need a new DS because I never bought a DS Lite because I anticipated Nintendo’s strategy of releasing a new DS every few years. So there. – Mr. Heavy Foot

Brandon: You could be the smartest foot in the world.


Was I first? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Yeah, and also the first to be of no help!

Is it just me, or does the phrase “massive company restructuring” softly lull you to bed at night?

If I get fired I’m running for the Senate. – Emily

Brandon: Sounds to me like robots are taking over.

When’s the last time you visited:


A thousand memories relived in a visit. – Paperboy

Brandon: Holy crap. Definitely a blast from the blast, but I stopped reading after I saw no mention of me or Nintendorks.

I heard the new DS will have a needle that injects morphine into your penis. – Mark

Brandon: I don’t need a DS to do that.

Tried Samba today…

While I had some issues with the horizontals, overall the controls seemed fine. However, I must note that I never played the Dreamcast version -with maracas-.

I’m going to wait for it to drop to $20 before I purchase it. — David – Dayton

Brandon: I don’t know there was any other way TOO play that game on the Dreamcast.

I was reading DRCs and my cat barfed.

It’s all your fault. – Orange Soda

Brandon: Yeah you guys, start sending in better comments.

Brandon, you really should know who Strong Bad is. I think of him as a more kid-friendly, less drunk, cartoon version of you.

Check out http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail.html if you want to experience Strong Bad firsthand. – Cap’n Smite

Brandon: Jesus I could barely get through one of those. I guess I can see the appeal, but I now consider myself lucky not knowing who Strong Bad is for so long.

Adam, stop name dropping forum people in your articles, it makes the website look cheesy and amateurish. – Shane McMan

Brandon: Haha, I went through his latest article to see who he name-dropped then realized you must mean the forum users and this comment got a lot more funny.

Now that I have a real job and enough money to afford videogames, I have slowly come back to them. I bought a PS3 and a couple of games, and I realized that the most recent game that I have true bragging rights in is Goldeneye 007, I pretty much watched the last generation console war from a distance. I’m trying to get good at games, but man, do I feel old… And I think I developed gaming ADD. – Tatanka

Brandon: I’m not sure, but I think dookie might own a PS3.

Everyone who visits this site should send Brandon a DRC…it’s our civic duty! 😉

Otherwise, he’d have too much free time, and would therefor play too many games…or masturbate himself to death. ^_^ – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: That’s not possible, even with morphine.