DRCs: 10-07-08

by Brandon on

And then there was sound.

“Megaton.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. – Inigo Montoya

Brandon: When exactly did I use that word?

Doing my civic duty while I’m dropping my civic doody. – Brubaker

Brandon: You could be the worst rapper ever!


What the hell is this shit? Why not just stick a damn phone in it and be done with it Nintendo?

Goddamn I’m tired and grumpy – Elrando

Brandon: And vulgar.

Great, the new DS will let me take pictures of myself while I play Advance Wars while sitting on the toilet. – Mark

Brandon: Great.

Strong Bad is the best! What are you talking about!!?!? – selendrile

Brandon: I’m talking about truth and justice.

Just doing my civic duty!

Aside from that, I will probably be buying the Brothers in Arms game tomorrow. Gonna kill me some Krauts! – Eldaron

Brandon: I just confused you with Elrando.

Whoo, De Blob is pretty gravy. The near-exact formula may be: Mario Sunshine + Katamari Damaci + “Sandbox” gaming = De Blob. Good times! – Seth

Brandon: I’m very intrigued, and reviews seem pretty good…I do believe it’s going on my xmas list!

We’re having a garage sale tomorrow.

Please, just kill me now. – Gato

Brandon: Hahah, that sucks, sorry. Let me know what the big sellers were!

Brandon, the addition of achievements to WoW is going to be the death of me. It’s given me the wherewithal to grind the Timbermaw rep. How crazy is that? – Opty

Brandon: Not so crazy if you’re level 80!

Boris has never seen Spinal Tap. Something must be done about this.


10:43 <Boris_Stoke> would spinal tap really benefit from bluray?

10:44 <Boris_Stoke> either way I’ve never seen it SO I’M GETTING IT


Brandon: It sounds like he’s already doing something about it! Which he should…then he’ll know where Stumpy Joe comes from.

Where’s the pink DSi? This is preposterous.

I know you can’t tell from there, but I’m pouting. It’s a pretty serious pout, too. – Emily

Brandon: Hot.

StrongBad’s emails are a poor-man’s version of Brandon’s DRCs… or was it the other way around? – Dewey

Brandon: Yes.

So I’m pretty sure that the killer app for the new DSi will be video chat with other DSi owners, with the added ability to touch each other’s genitals via the touch screen. – chrunck

Brandon: You mean scratch.

That’s not the DS redesign that I was hoping for. Instead of a second touch screen they should have added a flavor screen. That way, Nintendo has all of the input senses covered. NO WAIT WHAT ABOUT SMELL?!??! – Mr. Heavy Foot

Brandon: Nothing beats the smell of new plastic on a new plastic DS. Or dildo.

The new 2D Spider Man game on the DS looks awesome, like a cross between Bionic Commando and Castlevania.

/Spluge – SmotPoker

Brandon: I think I would rather play Bionic Commando or Castlevania.

How many flavors of ass were there again? 7? – Battymo

Brandon: Correct.

Is there such a thing as an octopus that has penises instead of tentacles? – RyanW

Brandon: I sure hope so!