DRCs: 10-16-08

by Brandon on

12 days.

Um I’m pretty certain that the dsi does not have two touch screens, I think it was misreported initially. – joebob

Brandon: Um ok.

ive never seen spinal tap either. – kindernoob

Brandon: That’s because you lead a sheltered life.

Wow, a flavor screen would be the best. Lick the screen to get flavors sent to you straight from Reggie! Use the wifi connection to taste your friends or even strangers from around the world! Now that’s entertainment. – Brubaker

Brandon: I bet he tastes like Aqua Velva.

RyanW asked if there is such a thing as an octopus that has penises instead of tenticles.

Yes. – penised-octopus

Brandon: Hey thanks for clearing that up!

I mentioned last time that I was getting Brothers in Arms. Well, it is a good story and interesting use of tactics, but that’s where the positives end. The controls are killing me! I think that after I play through it I will get rid of it. – Eldaron

Brandon: If the controls are killing you, you should stop playing immediately!

To: RyanW

re: octopus with penises

I have one word for you: cocktopus. – Quietguy

Brandon: Hmmm, I can’t decide which joke DRC about this I like more. You’re both winners.

Someone go to Taco Bell and try that Volcano Taco. I’d try it but I fear for my anus’s structural integrity would be comprimised. – Opty

Brandon: From what I hear, your anus’s structural integrity is juuuuuust fine.


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Brandon: I am fine, thanks for asking! And I agree, my site www.nintendorks.com is extraordinary.

How is babby formed? – Gerchak

Brandon: I don’t care so long as they can frigth back.

Garage sale report:

-I survived.

-We didn’t sell much (grossed about $130).

-We met some neighbors.

-We got rid of a lot of stuff (thanks to Goodwill mostly).

-My wife declared we’re never doing this again.

All in all, I’d call it a success. – Gato

Brandon: Especially if the neighbors were hot.

I just got your XBL message, I didn’t’ see it before! My TV volume low as my computer blasted guilty pleasure tunes over a muted mountain biking dvd. I’ll make sure I’m not so distracted the next time I put myself in a position to hear your voice. – Trekridr

Brandon: Jesus what else was going on in your room. I think I know.

haha, they did show my movie at PAX! – Telstar

Brandon: Awesome! I thought they should. I should organize giant conventions.

I have decided to be like you and have thus quit my job, become and english major and got married. I also swore off shaving some time over the last 3 years. I’ll keep you updated. – Wippersnapper

Brandon: Please do, especially about that last part.

“Is there such a thing as an octopus that has penises instead of tentacles? – RyanW”

It’s called a Penispus. Or Hermafrodite. – SerratedEdge

Brandon: Sorry, the other two were better.

Which are you looking forward to the most? Diablo 3 or StarCraft 2? – Dazz07

Brandon: Yes.

My secret shame: I’ve got both Super Mario Galaxy and Boom Blox unwrapped, but both remain unplayed. I’ve yet to download any WiiWare, but I’ve got an unused Classic controller waiting for when I do. I haven’t turned on the Wii in weeks, and even it’s sad blue glow doesn’t make me turn it on.

I play the 360 non-stop and download all kinds of games on the XBLA.

Anyone else in the same guilt-ridden boat? – RedSix

Brandon: Pretty sure everyone is…except those that don’t own a 360.

I broke the 50 million point barrier on Whirlwind on Pinball Hall of Fame today. Not bad for my first and only game of pinball today. – ANC

Brandon: I saw that on the online leaderboards! Oh, wait…

Dear Brandon,

I have not spoken to you in quite some time. Just saying hi. All is well. I just made chili and I thought of you, since that seems to be all you eat. Mine is delicious, but probably not as delicious as yours.

Yours truly,

Emily – emilyb

Brandon: Dear Emily, that was sweet. Thank you for thinking of me. And I agree your chili probably sucked. Until next time!

What’s with all the bitching about the DSi? Nobody’s forcing you to buy it, assholes. You’ll still be able to play games that come out, except for ones that use the camera, big deal. Just don’t buy one, and pretend it doesn’t exist.

I do want to bitch about the camera, though. 0.3 megapixels, what the fuck? My cell phone camera has 3 megapixels, and it’s almost 2 years old. Get with the program, Nintendo! – EKDS5k

Brandon: Do you have anger issues are are you still just angry over JRBurn killing you in mafia?

I finally found a cheap copy of Mercenaries (1) for the Xbox (1). I’ve finally found the game that emulates what Body Harvest could have been had it not been on the N64. – Gator

Brandon: Why did you have to mention Body Harvest…I had almost forgotten how upset I am that they haven’t made a next-gen version/remake of that.

When they release the DSi, how long will it be before they stopping releasing games I can play on my regular DS. And when Nintenod stops making normal DS games, will I have to go to a back alley to get bootleg DS games, like I go to an alley for bootleg abortions? – Finlae

Brandon: Do you actually get the abortions or do you go hoping to see abortions?

I picked up Red Steel recently. I like the shootouts. A lot. Why do the swordfights suck? Why didn’t they do 1:1? Lisa, where’s Christmas? – Alex Winter

Brandon: Swords are for wussies.

B, You really messed with my mind the other night. I was browsing around on facebook and found a picture of you holding the classic controller for the Wii with the wiimote attached to the back of it. I then proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes trying to figure out how the hell you did that, twisting my wiimote in ways previously not thought possible, attempting to get the two controllers to stick together. I found out later that you either bought some periphial or tape to do the trick. – Dewey

Brandon: There was a huge thread about it on the forum that you missed…it even made the rounds on various other dork sites. Gator is mechanical engineer or something, and used a fancy machine to cut a chunk of plastic into a clip that clips into those little slots on the back of the classic controller. He gave me one when we met up in Blacksburg. Unfortunately (if you’re reading this, Gator), I tried using it when I was playing the new Harvest Moon, and it doesn’t work anymore! I can get one, but not both tabs to click into the slots.

So my roommate just showed me her see through bra because she wanted me to see how hard her nipples were…..then she rubbed them. I told her that isn’t going to make them any softer. Wrong thing to say? – CPG

Brandon: Wrong thing to DO.

For the best beer try brooklyn brewery – steve

Brandon: Surprise, I have. It’s alright!

If you won a billion dollars, what would you give your friends? How may friends would benefit? How would you draw the line between friends that benefit from your largesse, and friends that don’t? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I’d probably hook up my closest friends like the ones that were in my wedding party, but only if they ask, and I’d make them dance or something.