DRCs: 10-24-08

by Brandon on

Happy day after.

5 word review of Art Style Cubello.Shooting cubist is Picasso’s favorite! – nightlite1999

Brandon: I can’t decide if that’s clever or dumb.

Brandon, is it true that WW2 ended because you stepped in and told everyone to Shut the Hell Up? – WarioFan63

Brandon: I asked Hitler if he could smell what the Rock was cooking.

RedSix and EVERYONE ELSE EVER needs to buy World of Goo. Also, a penised-octopus sounds like it’s been complimented. – Skoad

Brandon: Maybe on a rainy day when I’m bored. I do know that De Blob is going on my xmas list.

I wonder what a cocktopus would say about your anus’s structural integrity.Oh snap. – Bill Murray

Brandon: Bill Murray would never stoop to such obvious jokes at an attempt at humor. You, sir, are a PHONEY.

A Møøse once bit my sister.No realli! – Elrando

Brandon: I normally find quoting Monty Python to be cliché, but you did the fancy O’s there so I have to give you credit.

Mercenaries 8-Word Review:”Why the hell wasn’t Mercenaries 2 like *this*?!” – 2Cold Scorpio

Brandon: Here’s my 5 word review: I haven’t played any of them, and I don’t think I ever will.

“An article written by Ben Croshaw, who you may know as “Yahtzee” from Zero Punctuation, has written an absolutely fantastic article.” Articles writing articles. What is this world coming to?? – Clint

Brandon: I searched the site for “Yahtzee” so I could make fun along with you, but it looks like Travis checked himself before he wrecked himself.

I miss the bag, so here is a bag question. Which would you take, $2000000 or sex with Jenna Fischer 7 times? – Mark

Brandon: That’s actually a DRC question. And I’d take the 2 million.

I didn’t realize the volcano taco was supposed to be spicy until I saw the commercial proclaiming how spicy it was. I put fire sauce on it too. Some people are just weak. – Ash the deadite slayer

Brandon: Did you hiccup fire like the dude in the commercial? That was SO FUNNY!!!

I disagree with Steve; for best beer, try Southern Tier. My brother in law works there. They are the largest brewery in New York State!p.s. – DoD STILL kicks ass. – hero

Brandon: I just googled them, and I think I bought my wife their raspberry wheat beer one time since she has a vagina. I’ll keep an eye out for their stuff next time I’m at the giant beer store.

DSi complaining is not allowed, but megapixel capacity is? I would complain about EKDS5k’s DRC, but that’s probably frowned upon as well. And before anyone can respond, nobody is forcing you to read this, assholes. – Mr. Heavy Foot

Brandon: You just put EVERYBODY in their place.

So, any idea if that Arrested Development movie is still in the works? – Chives

Brandon: Who am I, Arch Campbell?

You should change the board link in the side bar to the new nintendorkschatter.com URL. I would have PMed you on the boards but this is an excuse to send in a DRC. – Jbond64

Brandon: I’m still struggling with the sudden, unannounced change. Once I accept it, I will change it.

5 word review of Tetris Party . . .Party doesn’t beat DS version. – Five Word Reviewer

Brandon: Ooooh, an exciting new DRC character! Thanks, Five Word Reviewer!

How Big is Mr. Face’s cock? – RyanW

Brandon: Big.

I just bought a new 42 inch LCD. Now I can see who I’m shooting at in the CoD5 demo. – Shakey

Brandon: Or, as I like to think, see who’s shooting YOU. In the face. With semen.

What should I play next: Disgaea DS or Final Fantasy Tactics A2? – Gato

Brandon: Never played it, but I’m a fan of Atlus, so I’d say Disgaea.