DRCs: 10-28-08

by Brandon on

Seasons may change.

I’m sad. I looked up somewhere whether the Disgaea DS game was a new story, or just a port of the PS2 version, and wherever it looked said it was all-new, but it’s NOT. I haven’t seen any differences so far, at least. It’s not really too much of a complaint though, because it is a really good game, and someone stole my PS2 copy, but I bought another one but I don’t even own a PS2.

I think this DRC is more like an epic tale about how many stupid decisions I make. I could go on, but I think I’ll let you infer the rest. – Emily

Brandon: Or I could just view your history.

I’d take $1,000,000 and sex with Jenna Fischer 3.5 times. That .5 was my fault, but who could blame me. – Goober

Brandon: That’s smart thinking right there.

Which will you more likely buy? Fallout 3 or Fable II? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I had no interest in Fable II, and I bought Fallout 3 last night, so there you go.

Thanks to the price drop, I just picked up a shiny new 360. Besides Bioshock and Burnout Paradise, which 3 other games do you recommend? – Wilkin

Brandon: Rock Band 2 and…other stuff? I don’t know if Fallout 3 is worth recommending yet, but I imagine it is. I’d say Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War, but new ones are about to come out. Oh, don’t forget arcade titles like Bionic Commando Rearmed, Geometry Wars Evolved, Age of Booty, Castle Crashers, and Portal.

Wait, the cocktopus could never survive as a species without female cocktopi, but what do they look like? Surely they don’t have 8 vaginas, because that would make them a mind boggling chaotic absurdity, and you couldn’t justifiably refer to them as cocktopi. I figure maybe both genders have 8 penicles, but also have a normal set of genitalia used to perform acts of the shaggity/fuckity/bang bang variety. But if that were the case, the male cocktopus would acutally have a total of nine penises and you’d have to revise the whole definition and somebody stop me before I blow your mind. – AJ

Brandon: You dummy, cocktopi is plural for cocktopus. The creature you’re describing is, of course, octopussy.

” I normally find quoting Monty Python to be cliché, but you did the fancy O’s there so I have to give you credit.”

The only reason I did it was the o’s. Otherwise it would have been the blamonges winning wimbledon.

Also you should watch Snuff Box, it’s rather good. – Elrando

Brandon: If “blamonges winning wimbledon” is an inside joke or something from Snuff Box, I think I’ll pass.

Actually, he probably would. – Bill Murray’s Invisible Agent

Brandon: Hmmm, he did do the voice of Garfield…

While we’re talking about beer, the Summit brewery is in Minneapolis I think? I don’t know; I’ve never been there, but they come here all the time. – Adam

Brandon: I’m done talking about beer in fear of DRCs being inundated with beer snobs dropping names of beer only they think they know.

Guess what? – I just farted!

Brandon: I didn’t say “what.”

Today I discovered my love of the word “ribald”.

Ribald, heh. – Elrando

Brandon: Ribald, for your pleasure.

World of Goo is pretty rad, very rad in fact. Also I am seeing Stephen Malkmus on Thursday! How ’bout that? – MEKsLP

Brandon: That’s also pretty rad! Maybe afterwards you two can go play World of Goo together.

I actually homebrewed for the first time with my brother in law yesterday. We’re making a “winter ale.” I’m hoping it’s at least 10% alcohol. – hero

Brandon: I’m hoping it’s methanol.

I think that Guitar Hero: World Tour may very well turn out better than Rock Band 2. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I think you’re reading the wrong message board.

I promise there will be a new radio show in the future. Midterms, papers, and girls have been using up too much of my time recently. Also, the only video game I have played in the last few weeks has been Peggle. – Mark

Brandon: Not to mention your busy campaigning schedule.

I scored over 24 million on Whirlwind last night. – Gato

Brandon: There’s no way for me to believe you! That’s not too shabby, though.