New Old Games: The Last Two Weeks (Cliche Edition!)

by Adam Robinson on

As always, Thores gives us the lowdown for last week:

October 6th Releases: -Midnight Bowling (WiiWare)

-MadStone (WiiWare)

-Shining Force II (Genesis VC)

-Mario Golf (N64 VC)

Two WiiWare releases I couldn’t care less about, but a pretty strong VC lineup this week! I haven’t played either, but I’ve heard great things about both.

You know, the last month’s worth of updates hasn’t been bad at all. Not quite the Virtual Console Glory Days of 2007, but at least it feels like NOA is actually taking their Shop Channel schedule seriously again.

*If I had a nickle* for every time I got *mad as a bull in a china shop* whilst playing Mario Golf, well, I’d have a pretty hefty amount of nickles. Shining Force II has a decent pedigree to it, but *back in my day* the only people who had a Genesis were either rich kids or the kids *from the other side of the tracks* who couldn’t afford a SNES. Somehow this impacted my opinion most Genesis games. As always, hit the jump for more.

Gator played Mario Golf, too! Look:

Man did I ever play the shit out of Mario Golf/Tennis back in the N64 days. I didn’t care much for the GCN iterations though. Hopefully the Wii versions’ motion control will make it fun again.
I make a lot of copy pasta, Gator, so be careful what you say. One day I’m going to make that rape charge stick. Again, **Thores** posted a big-ass press release talking about the games for October 13, but I’m not going to repost all that stuff. What’s important to know here is that **World of Goo** and **Art Style: CUBELLO** hit Wii Ware. That’s a two-hit combo! But the Virtual Console fired back with C-C-C-Combo Breaker of its own, with the one-two punch of **Secret of Mana** and **Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition**. I don’t frequently say this, so I’m going to use italics to kind of drive this shit home: *This was an all-star week for the Shop Channel.* All four of these games are good. Did I miss the planets aligning or something? Good thing **Gemini**, that old so-and-so, was practical:
You’ve got Street Fighter 2 for the SNES, now have a slightly improved version for the Genesis! Check back in a few more months for Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the SNES for the same price!
This is the part where Nintendo makes you disappear, Gemini. You are on to them. In a sensual manner. While World of Goo seemed to be the belle of the ball, **Miz** was excited about the less conventionally attractive girl at the dance:
SECRET OF MANA YES At last, three player RPG action WITHOUT a multitap!

Now if only I still lived in a dorm and had two buddies around to play it with.

That’s great and all, but what about The Octagon? Or Dr. Kenneth Noisewater? I forgot the other one. Anyway, I really enjoyed **Uncle Squingis**‘ review of World of Goo. Let’s take a look, shall we?
World of Goo Rad:


Level Design



The Sign Painter


Realizing that the blame for your World of Goo Corporation tower’s collapse rests solely on your shoulders.

The review seems to end like a Visa commercial or some shit. Get a job, Squingis! **nightlite1999**, who is desperately behind the times, had some neat impressions of CUBELLO that I thought we should share with the internet:
Got Art Style: CUBELLO today. It’s a neat little puzzle game that can be very challenging at times. What happens is that you start off with a set of rotating colored cubes at the center of the screen called a “cubello” and you have to shoot color ammo cubes to match up four or more cubes of the same color. You only have a small supply of cubes to shoot and you have to make matches to get more ammo. As you shoot the cubello it starts to spin in different directions and generally speeds up as well. You can’t just wait for the cubello to spin to where the best placement would be as if you wait too long it starts to get closer to the screen and causes you to lose ammo if the cubello hits you. When you start to combo you earn chances, it’s like a slot machine, to get a bonus mode where you get unlimited ammo cubes that either stay the same color, switch to a new color when you clear a color, or a rainbow color that matches everything. Game ends when you run out of ammo. For 600 points it seems to be pretty solid puzzler with a kinda generic techno soundtrack, but the cubello voice sounds kinda like a cross between Travis from Killer 7 and GLaDOS from Portal, so that’s a plus. I do have one issue with the game. At least on my TV some of the colors tend to look the same, especially if they are darker colors. One level has black, dark grey, dark blue, and brown cubes on a white background and on my TV they almost look the same until you start to go into a bonus round where the background turns from bright white to black. Once the background changes all the colors are very easy to see. There is not a way that I’ve seen to change the background color. I may have to mess with my color settings first before passing 100% judgement on the color issue with this game but YMMV.
That’s all for today, everyone. Go visit boards and prosper. ‘Night.