Super News Blow Out 64

by Travis Woodside on

Nintendo held a press conference this very evening (or maybe last year, depending on how the time difference works) in Tokyo.

Only Japanese press were invited or I totally would have been there. Anyway, I stayed up late to get this info so I’m just going to take the lazy way out and give you a fantastic little bullet point presentation for what we’ve learned. Except I’m not even going to use bullets. Who has time to look up html codes?

NEW DS: Nintendo DSi

  • Looks like the DS Lite only thinner and with 3.25″ screens (compared to the Lite’s 3″ screens)

  • No GBA port

  • TWO TOUCH SCREENS (doesn’t seem practical to me but apparently this is a big deal to people)

  • 3 megapixel camera

  • Plays music (able to control pitch and playback)

  • Built in browser

  • SD card storage for pictures and music and…

  • Available in white and black

  • To be released November 1st in Japan, likely next year for North America

  • Ability to download games via DSi Shop

DSi Shop:

  • Digital distribution of DSiWare

  • Pricing points ranging from Free to 800 points (8 bucks)

  • Unknown if the ability to download full DS titles will be made available

  • Customers get 1000 free points to use with the purchase of a DSi. Points expire after March 2009.

Upcoming Wii Games of Note:

  • Punch Out (About time)

  • Another Code (No clue what this is)

  • Sin and Punishment 2 (best surprise I’ve had all day)

As near as I can tell the conference is not officially over, but the major news is out of the way. We’ll mop up the smaller stuff tomorrow. Stay classy, San Diego.