Moon Being Delayed Allows Me To Gripe About Nintendo

by Kevin on

So, there is a game coming out, called Moon. It’s by the same dudes (dudettes, too, since I assume somewhere, a lady is making a video game) who made another DS title, Dementium: The Ward, a video game for people who absolutely need their survival horror on the go, go go! Now, Moon looks like a kind of clever Metroid-type shooter for the DS, and it’s been seeing a little bit of hype as more and more has been shown relating to the game. Recent news, however, points to a delay until mid-January, which means it won’t be able to make it out in time for that all-important Christmas boost. This is depressing.

I love it when a third party developer creates video games for Nintendo systems, which are good and sell well. For instance, go out and buy de Blob, people. BUY IT AND PLAY IT. Nintendo has laid a giant turd this holiday season (Wii Music? Seriously? There is only one person on the whole planet who enjoys this game, and she writes for 1up), and now that everyone has a Wii in their living room, what the hell are we supposed to do with it? This is a big winter for the other consoles, and my Wii sits there on the shelf, sad and alone. My DS is only seeing love because of the new Castlevania game (thumbs up for that), and so I am writing this to encourage/implore/force you to buy third party this year. Pick up a game like Moon when it comes out next year.

Oh, do whatever the hell you want.