New Old Games: Past Couple of Weeks

by Adam Robinson on

I’m going to have to brief here, so I’m going to ditch the commentary from the faithful readers…

for now. I’ll update this on Saturday with some of your comments, but I’m behind on this, my Disgaea review (spoiler alert: it’s a big game), and… Well, Fallout 3. I like it a lot. But I’ll jump into the past two weeks’ VC and Wii Ware releases promptly. The VC has only given us two games over the past two weeks, and frankly, only one is really worth it. Earthworm Jim, which was all the rage back when I watched Ren & Stimpy and other surrealist cartoons, hit last week, and is leaps and bounds a better experience than Space Harrier, which is stupid and for dumb people. Actually, that’s not true: Space Harrier is alright, especially since you could play it in Shenmue, which is one of the best games ever made. EWJ is 800 points (and worth it) and Space Harrier is 500.

The past two weeks both had pretty decent Wii Ware releases. October 27 gave us Strong Bad: Episode 3 and Art Style: ROTOHEX. Did you enjoy the first two Strong Bads? You’ll probably enjoy this one, too. Did you enjoy the other Art Style games? Well, they’re all pretty different, but if you like crazy abstract shit, welcome home. November 3 had a game that you really should try in Alien Crush Returns, a sequel to a pinball game. That happens so rarely it’s gotta be worth it. It even has a story mode! If you thought writing for Nintendorks was my dream, you were wrong. I always wanted to write pinball games. Also released this week was Home Sweet Home, a game which I know nothing about and refuse to research. I do this so that I will have to look to you guys for information and update this article.

Again, sorry for no commentary right now, but it’ll be in later.