We don’t take kindly to you big city rehashers.

by Travis Woodside on

Today is the day to pick up “Animal Crossing: City Folk” if you feel like playing a game you have already played before.

I recommend it for people who want to share it with their parents who have been inexplicably drawn to the Wii. It’ll be a good game to show off to those casual gamers Nintendo keeps talking about. As for the rest of us, we’d be better off starting up our DS copies of “Animal Crossing: Wild World” than spending 50 bucks (more if we want the new WiiSpeak attachment for online voice chat everyone in the room can hear). As may seem obvious by now, I am disgusted by City Folk and will not be picking it up. If it was a cheaper title then perhaps the fact it has more items and the return of real world holidays would have persuaded me. But at fifty of your earth dollars I feel this is one occasion when Nintendo is upping the price just to make their product seem like a bonafide holiday release. They’ve done it before when Reggie all but admitted that the Wii was $249 instead of $199 so it wouldn’t seem like a cheap plastic toy.

So go ahead and buy “City Folk” if you want. You’re just going to cause Nintendo, in their ignorance, to think we don’t care about gameplay advancements for the ultimate relaxation game. You make me sick . . . and . . . oh, but he does look happy in that picture doesn’t he? I . . . I want to be happy too . . . Why must Nintendo make me feel so weak?