DRCs: 12-02-08

by Brandon on

Sorry. I’ve been busy. With stuff.

DUCK! – Future Brandon

Brandon: I wish I read this back when you actually sent it. Now I only have one eye.

how coincidental that emily asked about disgaea ds while i am reviewing it! there are a few changes like etna mode and new challenge rooms (you can fight adell from disgaea 2), but you gotta play through the entire game to get it all. so…. see you in a few months, emily. – Adam

Brandon: I’m on the edge of my seat!

Is it bad that when hero said “homebrewing”, the first thing I thought of was modding one’s Wii? – Chives

Brandon: That’s better than thinking something was going on in his pants. Not that I thought that.

I think you guys should go back to not updating so much. I’m overwhelmed with updates now. What the hell happened here? The site is my homepage, and I read it less than I did when you weren’t updating, because I just couldn’t take all of that reading.

This is how Fallout 3 is going to be, isn’t it? – MrOodles

Brandon: I didn’t answer DRCs for weeks just for you. You’re welcome.

When ASPLM says that GH: World Tour may “turn out better” than Rock Band 2, does he mean that World Tour is the easier game to evict (“Turn out” like “the tenants were turned out”)? Or that World Tour is a more likely game to be shut off (“Turn out” like turning out the lights) than Rock Band? Because the only other explanation that makes sense is that ASPLM has barely played any Rock Band or Guitar Hero games at all.


Brandon: I like your only other explanation. I’m sure he’ll play more when he finishes his basement.

After reading the forums I went out and picked up Rock Band 2. I’m poor but happy! I never realized how empty my life had been until I sang a Blink 182 song online… – Wilkin

Brandon: Ta da!

Girls taking up Marks time? What were Miranda, Samantha, Carrie and that other one up to, Mark?

Get it? Because he thinks Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive he must be watching Sex in the City. Also he knows no real girls. – Nussy

Brandon: How could you forget Charlotte?!? I mean…no, I don’t get it.

Brandon, you could just tell me you want me to die of horrible, horrible poisoning.

I am 130 points shy of Gunnery Sergeant I in CoD4. I am incredibly lazy. – hero

Brandon: Unfortunately I have no idea what level that is so I can’t tell if I should make fun of you or congratulate you.

Brandon, I’m an achievement whore, but only on WoW. My imaginary number is currently the biggest out of the people I know, it must be because I’m black. – Opty

Brandon: Ay you can’t say dat!

I only played this once. A friend owned it and the game Mario Tennis. I actually quite liked it, even though I played way too long and things looked funny the rest of the day. Wasn’t the least bit surprised when it completely failed, though. – your favourite sun

Brandon: I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

So, I got through that malignant disease thing from 5 years ago alright. Just thought I’d say hi if anyone remembered me and thought I had died: try harder, you bastards!

Oh, and Wippertroy’s song still plays occasionally, but that’s an in-comment reserved for alcoholics and Mr. Face. – AquaRichy

Brandon: I’m glad you’re not dead! I think.

I almost picked up a bottlecap thinking it would be worth a dollar. – Drake

Brandon: It’s taking me forever to play through Gears of War 2 because I keep trying to open all the furniture.

I have been elected President of The Nintendork Community. As High Master of the Staffer Illuminati, what is your first task for me? – Mark

Brandon: I forgot all about that! I think I voted for you because the Fingerlicans thought the new Star Trek photos looked dumb…and I don’t even really care about Star Trek!

You use to be able to look at the properties on the banners to see who made them? Is there anyway to do that? – Dazz07

Brandon: I’m afraid not, but the directory the logos are stored in is open for browsing.

Hey Brandon,

I’m in Bahrain right now for a bodybuilding championship. So every web page that I surf to has all of the ads in Arabic because of the regional targeting. Google defaults to Arabic as well and all of the text is from right to left.

Also instead of ads asking me to click to find a “friend in [whatever city]”, they’re telling me about pursuing my degree in the United States!

Weird, huh? – Gonjiness

Brandon: So, how did you do in the championship?

Whenever I see a girl jogging, I like to imagine that she is being chased by a fatter version of herself. – Mark

Brandon: Even if they look like they’re in good shape, it’s always fun to yell “Hey! You got a fat ass!” while driving by.

“Wii Music? Seriously? There is only one person on the whole planet who enjoys this game, and she writes for 1up”

I am neither female nor work for 1up, but I bought Wii Music a couple days ago and I’m having planty of fun with it, so screw you Kevin.

Oh, hi Brandon. How are you? – Orange Soda

Brandon: Kevin just got SERVED.

I just got an Xbox360. There’s so much, I don’t even know what to do.

Maybe, one day, Nintendo will do get it right. I’d still be playing Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. nightly.

I can’t wait to hear your voice. Is it sexy? – REVLIK

Brandon: What kind of stupid question is that?

I’d imagine not releasing the game was to give it some spotlight in early 2009 rather then put it up against the million other crazy quality shit coming out now and in the next couple months.

Holiday season is a horrible time to buy games anyway, enjoy what’s been out for a while now, by now its cheaper. BOOM BLOX! – Norfuck

Brandon: I want to play De Blob. I don’t know if that has anything to do with what you just said. I just felt like saying it.

If you had a time machine, which historical figures would you have sex with? – Mark

Brandon: The first thing that popped in my head were the chicks from Gilligan’s Island and Three’s Company. Mmmm, Mrs. Howell.

I use the Wii Internet Channel for pornography. – Everyone

Brandon: I applaud this.

Can you pet the animals in the Harvest Moon game for Wii? If not I think I’ll pass. – BeerInTheDark

Brandon: Not only do you pet them, but you say “there there” in a soothing voice. And then the animal loves on you. Kind of.

I use the Wii Browser to sign Cory up on as many spam lists as I can find. Don’t tell him. – Mirage

Brandon: Your secret is safe with me.

I like it when Kevin tells me I can do whatever the hell I want.

That helps make me feel confident about the choices I make in life. – BeardedBunny

Brandon: You should subscribe to his newsletter.

It has been nearly three weeks since you have posted me. I’m getting so full… Quit neglecting me, you bastard! – DRCs

Brandon: I said I was sorry, geez!

If you don’t mind me saying, there’s a lot more Nintenhaters than Nintendorks news reports on this site lately. Though I do believe the title you presently have is superior.

I’d like to see Kevyn write more of his retro reviews, so that we can look forward to more good times in the midst of bad times. He did say he was going to write more. If you did one too I’d read it and tell all my friends about it, I would. What about a new Blast Corps review? Or a new Wetrix review? – This guy

Brandon: How a but a new Blast Corps or Wetrix game?

I had 100% faith that you-all would be here, and my faith was rewarded. This is a sign that I must buy a video game console for Christmas. – jpat

Brandon: I hear PS2s are pretty cheap these days.

I know real life and other duties can get in the way, but I really miss the DRC’s please come back! – Ted Danzig

Brandon: Is that your real name?

Woah, you’re back. I just now noticed. Everything’s changed since you guys shut down. I went to JAIL, bro. My weapon of choice is a baby stuck on a stick and chain. (Baby Flail) My username on games is <3 Cocks. Yeah, that’s a heart. It means I love penis.

Nintendorks ruined my life. 🙁 – Psychopath Killa

Brandon: No way, bro.

My Wii is totally a lady. I know because the DS Lite is her baby. Guess who the father is? – []!

Brandon: That’s DIRTY! You’re NAUGHTY!

This site is still gay. – maw

Brandon: Hahaha.

Am I the only one who was excited at the prospect of watch the internet’s most rich deposits of pornography on the big screen via wii? Surely this cannot be so. There are so many nintendorks out there who are lonely. Why does nintendo refuse to hear their pleas? – John Angryman

Brandon: Someone has to think of the children!

I am sick and tired of seeing commercials for Guitar Hero–the KFC Guitar Hero 1210 calorie box of crap was the final straw for me. – kill me

Brandon: Those are the gayest commercials that ever gayed the gay. Who did they hire, the ad wizards behind the N-Gage ads?

So I ended up buying a Wii for the family for Christmas. Too bad the “family” is just me, a houseful of cats, and a row of litter boxes. – jpat

Brandon: Exactly how many is a “row?” I bet your pad smells wonderful.

You don’t have to be naked to travel through time, it’s just more fun that way – Mark

Brandon: NOW you tell me.

Just wanted to say that I love this article. I heard a lot of crappy things about the Power Glove and have never had the opportunity to use or even see one. I’ve thought about buying one off of Ebay, and this article confirms my decision. I’ll back you up on the virtual boy because it is fucking awesome and I wish they could have made more games for it as well as trying to come out with a newer 3d system like the virtual boy, but better. – daddyctc

Brandon: I think we’re all waiting for the Nintendo Hologram system that lets us feel up Princess Peach in the privacy of our home.