Famitsu details Gamecube Wii-makes

by Cory Birdsong on

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fter a thorough examination of the most recent issue of Japan’s video game paper of record Famitsu, intrepid journalists at IGN have uncovered new details about Nintendo’s “Play On Wii” series of Gamecube wii-makes.

The remake of Pikmin will feature a new save system allowing players to essentially jump backward to any day they have already played, a la Time Machine, as well as the obligatory pointer/motion controls.

Mario Power Tennis will have full Wiimote control, as well as nunchuck support, so you can control your character as well as their racket, unlike Wii Sports. Reportedly, players will “performing forehands, backhands, tosses and smashes by swinging the Wiimote as you would a normal racket.” Spin can be added by changing the angle, and those dumb special shots will be activated by pressing a button.

The revamped Pikmin releases on Dec. 25, and Mario Power Tennis on Jan. 15. Both will retail for 3,800 yen, or about $40.

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