USA Club Nintendo Quietly Gets Set For Email Deluge: “How Do U Get Coins?”

by Kevin on

As many gamers are well aware, Nintendo of Japan has been giving away all sorts of wonderful, wonderful things as part of *Club Nintendo*, a “customer loyalty” program designed to promote the mad scramble that is purchasing Nintendo products through the collection of “star points”.

There are similar programs in Europe (Nintendo VIP 24:7 – why does everything in Europe sound like it belongs in a loud, terrible, sweaty discotheque?), Australia (Nintendo: The Club Dimension?), and recently South Africa (Klub Nintendo), but North America has just sat with quiet, simmering jealousy as the other Club members got all kinds of unique games, game soundtracks, controllers, and even a Wii Remote that could be used to control a TV (HOLY SHIT I JUST FOUND OUT THIS EXISTED). Well, Club Nintendo for the Northern Americas was announced in October of this year, and NOA has just put up a splash page featuring an angry/suspicious looking Mario and a few tidbits of information. The Club will allow you to register your Wii and extend your warranty. Awesome. You can get Gold or Platinum status. Ok. You have to collect coins! Screw the tempered master sword. You should buy as many shields as you can. Also, red team forever, bitches.