Wood, grain coming to DS with “Catan: Dealings in Sheep”

by Cory Birdsong on

Apparently, a port of the classic German board game “Settlers of Catan will be coming to the Nintendo DS at some point in the future.

“Catan: Dealings in Sheep,” a title I just made up, will supposedly be based on the Sony Ericsson cell phone game seen in this YouTube video.

Assuming the UI is sufficiently DS-friendly, and a proper trading interface is ripped off from the excellent Xbox Live Arcade version, it could be an online game that’s actually fun against random Nintendo WFC people, as well as people in the same room that don’t feel like arranging a bunch of cardboard hexes and then placing wooden tokens on them.

Perhaps I can totally kick Brandon’s ass in this version of Catan as well. Nintendorks will have news on this title, as well as other times I beat staffers in obscure luck-centric board games, as the story develops.