Indiana Jones and the FMV of Destiny

by Travis Woodside on

Back before time was invented there was a “next-gen” Indiana Jones title in development. It was announced before “The Force Unleashed” and was initially the title to show off the new Euphoria animation technology later seen in “Grand Theft Auto IV” and the already mentioned Star Wars title. However, since the game’s initial announcement, mystery has shrouded the title (which may or may not be ironic for the Indiana Jones subject matter and I’m too lazy to get out a dictionary to make sure).

Today marks the official unveiling of “Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings” for release on the Wii, DS, and probably PS2 this spring. Whether or not this is the same Indiana Jones title that’s been in development for years is up in the air. My theory is that it is, but that the 360 and PS3 versions were canceled because LucasArts is a silly beast these days.

Joystiq has a silly trailer for the game which shows off no in game footage whatsoever. It features a play dough faced Harrison Ford running through a montage of the game’s supposed environments. The scope of the game seems interesting and the prospect of tracking down the “staff of kings” seems cool (assuming this would be the biblical staff of Moses or something similar) and Dr. Jones appropriate, but if the game comes out so soon and we dont’ have a single in game screenshot I’m not holding my breath. It could play well, but if it’s as ugly as the Wii version of “The Force Unleashed” I’m not sure I’m physically capable of caring.